Kaku Bi Unit
Kaku Bi Unit
Group Info
Name Kaku Bi Unit
Rank 1000 Man Unit
Location Kinrikan
State Qin
Status Active in the Hi Shin Unit
Group Personnel
Leader Kaku Bi
So Sui (Current)
Lieutenant(s) So Sui (Defunct)
Commander(s) Kaku Bi † (deceased)
Side Infos

The Kaku Bi Unit/Guo Bei Force was the 1000-man unit led by Kaku Bi until his death. The majority joined the Hi Shin Unit, alongside So Sui just to fulfill what Kaku Bi wanted to be and Shin is like their former leader's humble beginnings.


Kaku Bi Flag
Kaku Bi Flag


  • Conquering Kinrikan


Sanyou Campaign ArcEdit

During the Siege of Kinrikan by the Mou Gou Army, the defense forces of Kinrikan focused their forces on the siege tower of the Gyoku Hou Unit. This caused other places in the defenses of the city to be weaker, allowing the Kaku Bi Unit to breach the their defenses and conquer the city.

During the night after the siege, their leader Kaku Bi got assassinated by Rin Ko.

A few days later, 700 men of the former Kaku Bi Unit merged with the newly promoted Hi Shin Unit.


Leader Edit

Kakubi portrait
Kaku Bi
Slain by Rin Ko
Sosui portrait
So Sui
Hi Shin Unit
Current leader of the remnants

Lieutenant Edit

Sosui portrait
So Sui (Former)
Cavalry unit
Joined Hi Shin Unit

Commanders Edit

Den Kou portrait
Den Kou
Joined Hi Shin Unit

Soldiers Edit

Retsu Brothers
Retsu Brothers
Cavalry unit
Joined Hi Shin Unit
Death: Gen Bou archers


Manga Edit

Kaku Bi Unit soldiers
Kaku Bi Unit soldiers

Anime Edit

Kaku Bi Unit anime portrait
Kaku Bi Unit