Kankou is a Zhao city whose military significance has surged to the top in recent years due to the shifting borders. It is said that as soon as Ri Boku was made prime minister, he immediately turned his attention to strengthening the region around Kankou. The city was given to Qin as a bonus for agreeing to form the Qin-Zhao Alliance.


A huge fort in the center is said to be approaching completion. Were an enemy to siege the city, it would cost many lives, money, and time.


The city is on the Zhao border and is between the Qin and Wei borders.


Manga Edit

Kankou's location
Kankou's wall
Kankou if were to be attack

Anime Edit

Kankou City's Location anime S2
Kankou's location
Kankou City anime S2
Kankou City's Wall anime S2
Kankou's wall
Kankou City If Were To Be Sieged anime S2
Kankou if were to be attack

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