After all, in our numerous simulation battles...even I have lost to him a fair few times. "The Silent Hunter". It is my belief that he is the most terrifying instinctual general.

Ri Boku, talking about Kei Sha with Shun Shin Kun

Kei Sha
Kei Sha portrait
Chinese Qing She
Kanji 庆舍
Romaji Kei Sha
Epithet The Silent Hunter
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
State Zhao
Location Koku You (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Ri Boku Army
Kei Sha Army
Coalition Army (Defunct)
Military Rank General
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 251

Kei Sha was an Instinctual General of the Zhao Military and one of Ri Boku's vassals.


Kei Sha was a clean shaven man whose hair ends in two spheres which could be a tribal style in Zhao.


Kei Sha had good manners, as seen in his speech and actions. He seemed to enjoy watching his opponents being torn apart by his elaborate traps, However, he will become irritated if the opponent is not lured by the trap and doesn't reveal their characteristics and method of warfare, even to the extent of provoking him to enter the battlefield, As Ri Boku described, his impatience is his weakness, which lead to his death.

He was aiming for the last free seat of Zhao's Three Great Heavens.

History Edit

When Keisha was young his village was attack by bandits & they killed his parents in front of him. After that he worked & lived in a old weapons shop while winning money from strategy tournaments. One day he defeated one of Ri Boku’s students & Riboku noticing his talent took him in.



Sanyou Aftermath ArcEdit

During the preparations for the war against the state of Yan, Kei Sha was sent to ask Hou Ken to join the Zhao forces. He comments on Houken's limitations in his attempt to surpass Ou Ki's shadow and informs him that he may find his answer on the battlefield. He participated in the battle against Great General Geki Shin and was in charge of the captured Yan soldiers.

Coalition Invasion Arc Edit

Months later, Kei Sha led the attack on Bayou, conquering the Qin city at the start of the Coalition war.

On the first day of the Battle of Kankoku Pass, Kei Sha nearly bests Duke Hyou by attacking his his rear and dealing significant damage. It was only due Shin and the Hi Shin Unit, who rallied the troops in the rear, that the Duke Hyou Army escaped irreparable damage to their numbers.

Koku You Campaign Arc Edit


Strength 88
Leadership 90
Intelligence 91
Experience A
Silent hunter
Strength 88
Leadership 88
Intelligence 90
Experience B
Instinctive type: hunter

A trusted subordinate and vassal of Ri Boku, Kei Sha is a peculiar instinctive general that wa said to be the closest to take the final seat of the Three Great Heavens. At the time of his death he was considered one of the five most important figureheads in Zhao Military.

With a high attribute of tactical knowledge, he is likened to a spider who weaves a web of fluid strategy to entangle and ensnare his opponents. His instinctive skills allowed him to defeat in simulation battles many strategists including Ri Boku himself at few ocasions.

To date, Kei Sha is the instinctual general with the highest attribute in knowledge of war besides Ren Pa that in itself does not count for the strength of his own intuition. Duke Hyou remarked that despite the kinds of precarious situations he puts himself in or strength of his offense, Kei Sha proved to be an elusive opponent. During the Battle of Kankoku Pass he was able to effectively lead Duke Hyou into a trap and strike the rear of his army, nearly defeating him.

On the first day of the Battle of Koku You Hill he decided to send his soldiers to the center hill as a bait. After that he launched a flanking attack on 2nd unit in order to completely cut off Rai Do's reinforcements. This enabled him to isolate Raido and Zenou units and force them to retreat - something that was even outside of Kan Ki's calculations. Later he was even able to figure out Kan Ki's weakness, however due to his death at the hands of Shin he wasn't able to use this information in battle.

Kei Sha also proven himself to be talented warrior and frontline general. He's able to lead a charge of his elite unit in order to pincer Hi Shin Unit which led to the death of many of it's soldiers and would completely wipe them out if not Zenou's attack. Later he was a challenge for Shin in their brief duel, however he wasn't good enough to defeat the young commander and their clash ultimately ended up in Kei Sha's death.



Kei Sha
Kei Sha Spider instincts
Kei Sha escaped
Kei Sha escapes a death trap
Kei Sha charges
Kei Sha charges
Keisha Riboku 1st meeting
Kei Sha meeting Ri Boku for the first time
Young Keisha
Kei Sha when he was younger
Keisha old home
The place where Kei Sha lived after his parents died
Kei Sha Flag
Kei Sha's Flag
Kei Sha vs Shin
Kei Sha vs Shin
Shin Slays Kei Sha
Kei Sha is slain by Shin
Kei Sha spider dead
Kei Sha's demise


  • Ri Boku gives him the moniker "The Silent Hunter" for his ability to entrap any opponent on the battlefield.
  • Kei Sha was an orphan before Ri Boku took him in.
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