The Quanrong is a famous mountain tribe that ages ago was responsible for overthrowing Zhou Dynasty.


The Quanrong (also known as the Kenjuu) are mountain dwellers, they are said to be ferocious and very strong. They also seem to have a motif regarding wolves as they and their descendants in Zhao wear wolf pelts in battle since ancient times and domesticated wolves to act as sentries. As befitting of their ferocity and current residence, the Zhao branch are also known as the Fangs of Ryou You. Meanwhile, it is known that the descendants in Yan were used by Geki Shin for his elite troops in his army. Under Geki Shin, their Poison Dogs Unit gained renown as the fastest cavalry in China.


520 years ago in the Zhou Dynasty, the Quanrong were the main army of one of the princes of the Zhou dynasty. The prince started a rebellion trying to overthrow Zhou. The Quanrong army shattered Zhou's army and broke their cities. 520 years later, their descendants still live on. One group of descendants lived in Yan and were in the Geki Shin Army before later being captured by Zhao while the other group resided in the City of Ryou You in Zhao. Currently ruled by King Rozo, the city was considered outside of Zhao's normal jurisdiction due their ferocity and they were given substantial autonomy and the authority to kill any trespassers (Zhao or none-Zhao alike). While the Quanrong in Zhao have little respect for Zhao's monarchy, they are respectful of Ri Boku due to him personally giving them tribute in mutton from Gan Mon every year. The latter were later mobilized during the Gyou Campaign against Yo Tan Wa Army. It is also asserted that the Chouga Tribe in Qin is distantly related to them while the bulk of the Quanrong eventually went north after the Zhou Dynasty fell and became the Xiongnu. Coincidentally, their language is the same as that of the Xiongnu.



King of the Quanrong Tribe in Zhao
Geki Shin portrait
Geki Shin
General of the Geki Shin Army and Lord the Quanrong Tribe in Yan

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Their modern descendants in Zhao
Poison Dog Unit
Their modern descendants in Yan