Ki Sui Army
Ki Sui Army portrait
Group Info
Name Ki Sui Army
Location Koku You
State Zhao
Affiliation Zhao Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
General Ki Sui
Side Infos
The Ki Sui Army is the army led by general Ki Sui of the state of Zhao.

History Edit

The army initially start out with 30,000 strong. Combined with Kei Sha's army of 40,000, they set out to defend Koku You hill from general Kanki's army and Hi Shin unit of 57,000.

Story Edit

Koku You Campaign Arc Edit

(in notes for now)

  • join forces with the Kei Sha Army in order to defeat Kan Ki
  • shows over average willpower, strenght, and strategy
  • Ki Sui, Ryuu Tou and Ba Tei save Kei Sha from Kan Ki's trap
  • Ryuu Tou tries to save Kei Sha again, but he fails and is slain by Kyou Kai of the Hi Shin unit
  • Ki Sui takes over the command of the joined forces
  • When Kan Ki threatens to attack Rigan City and torture its civilians. Ki Sui leaves Koku You to the remenants of the Kei Sha Army in order to save his home town. But Kan Ki avoids the counterattack, and manages to take over the Koku You region.

Achievements Edit

Personnel Edit

Leader Edit

Ki Sui portrait
Ki Sui

Deputies Edit

Ryuu Tou
Koku You Campaign
Death: slain by Kyou Kai
Ba Tei
Koku You Campaign
left side in the plain forest
Kai Gou
Koku You Campaign
left side of the central hill

Unspezified Commanders Edit

Appearance Edit

Strength Edit

Gallery Edit

General Ki Sui Army
General Ki Sui Army

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