Kou Rou castle

Kou Rou castle


Kourou city once belonged to Wei, but was taken over by Qin. The lord of Kou Rou was a timid person.


Sanyou Campaign ArcEdit

Even as the lord was a timid person, they send in four generals and appointed them each at a wall to command. They were all famous generals in their own right and are all skilled at siege defence.

Kou Rou city was the first city the Mou Gou Army reached on the Sanyou Campaign. And it was conquered on 11th day of the siege thanks to the Gyoku Hou Unit breaching their eastern wall. 


They had a large army stationed inside and had huge supply of arrows to rain down on the Qin people for weeks if not more. They also had a large amount of Archers to use them.

Notable InhabitantsEdit


Manga Edit

Kourou city
Kourou city under seige
Kou Rou arrows

Anime Edit

Kourou City's Easy Wall Set Ablaze anime S2
Kourou's East Wall Set Ablaze by the Gyoku Hou Unit
Episode 50 portrait
Kourou's East Wall has been attacked by Gyoku Hou Unit's Siege Tower
Gyoku Hou Unit Launches An Attack On The East Wall anime S2
Kourou's East Wall has been attacked by the Gyoku Hou Unit