Kyou Kai colored gallery
Kyou Kai's portrait in the colored gallery
Kyou Kai portrait
Kyou Kai colored in the manga
Kyou Kai Smiling
Kyou Kai smiles
Kyou Kai And Shin's First Meeting
Kyou Kai and Shin's first meeting
Kyou Kai Saves Bi Hei
Kyou Kai saves Bi Hei
Kyou Kai's dance
Kyou Kai's lethal fighting skill
Kyou Kai loses her stamina after using the priestess dance
Shin VS Kyou Kai
Kyou Kai stands on Shin's blade
Kyou Kai's priestess dance
Kyou Kai resting after battle
Kyou Kai dodging Shin's swings
Too late for the ritual
Shin catches Kyou Kai
Kyou Kai caught by Shin
Kyoukai departs
Kyou Kai departing from the Hi Shin Unit
Kyou Kai Holding Kyou Shou's Severed Head
Kyou Kai holding Kyou Shou's severed head
Kyou Kai Slays Yuu Ren's Subordinates (Chapter 359, page 12)
Kyou Kai slays Yuu Ren's subordinates
Kyou Kai Rises Again
Kyou Kai rises again
Kyou Kai kills Yuu Ren
Kyou Kai stabs Yuu Ren
Kyou Kai slays Go Hou Mei decoy
Kyou Kai decapitates Kan Toku
Kyou Kai and Ryuu Tou Confront
Kyou Kai and Ryuu Tou confront
Kyou Kai Slays Ryuu Tou
Kyou Kai slays Ryuu Tou
Shin Saves Kyou Kai From Kei Sha's Men
Kyou Kai saved by Shin from Kei Sha's men
Kyou Kai Design anime S1
Kyou Kai's character design anime S1
Ryokusui anime S1
Kyou Kai's sword, Ryokusui
Kyou Kai, Kyou Elder And Kyou Shou Confronts The Group Of Villagers anime S1
Kyou Kai with Kyou Elder and Kyou Shou confronts the group of villagers
Kyou Shou And Kyou Kai Slays The Group of Villagers anime S1
Kyou Kai and Kyou Shou slays the group of villagers
Kyou Shou Embraces Kyou Kai anime S1
Kyou Kai embraced by Kyou Shou
Kyou Kai Was Too Late For The Ritual anime S1
Kyou Kai was too late for the ritual
Kyou Kai And Shin's First Meeting anime S1
Kyou Kai meets Shin
Kyou Kai Saves Bi Hei anime S1
Kyou Kai saves Bi Hei
Ka Ryo Ten And Kyou Kai's First Meeting anime S1
Kyou Kai meets Ka Ryo Ten
Shin And Kyou Kai Sleeps Together anime S1
Kyou Kai and Shin sleeps together
Kyou Kai Slays Shuu anime S1
Kyou Kai slays Shuu
Kyou Kai And Shin Gazes Upon The Mountain Ranges anime S1
Kyou and Shin gaze upon the mountain ranges
Kyou Kai AS2
Kyou Kai in anime S2
Shin And Kyou Kai Disguise As Palace Guards anime S2
Kyou Kai and Shin disguise as palace guards
Shin Sleeps On Kyou Kai's Shoulders anime S2
Kyou Kai's shoulder being slept on by Shin
Kyou Kai and Kaine's First Meeting anime S2
Kyou Kai meets Kaine
Shin Challenges Kyou Kai Without Realizing That He Is Naked anime S2
Kyou challenged by Shin who haven't realized that he is naked
Kyou Kai Blushes As She Sees Shin's anime S2
Kyou blushes as she sees Shin without his clothes
Kyou Kai Points Her Sword Onto Shin's Neck anime S2
Kyou Kai points her sword towards Shin's neck
Kyou Kai Slays The Qin Soldiers Who Were Oppressing Shun And Her Older Sister anime S2
Kyou Kai slays the Qin soldiers who were oppressing Shun and her older sister
Shin holding Kyoukai Anime S2
Kyou Kai being held by Shin
Episode 68 portrait
Kyou Kai fights off Kai Shi Bou's men
Anime Kingdom Episode 68 portrait
Kyou Kai embraced by Shin onto his arms
Hi Shin Unit Finds Out Kyou Kai's Real Gender anime S2
Kyou Kai's real identity found out by the Hi Shin Unit
Kyou Kai Falls Into The Pithole anime S2
Kyou Kai falls into a pithole
Hi Shin Unit Farewells To Kyou Kai As She Was About To Depart anime S2
Kyou Kai farewelled by the Hi Shin Unit as she departs

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