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February 13, 2017
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  • Why do you keep changing Shin's stats to 97, 95, 85 ?    Did you become a wiki member just because you could not accept his stats ?

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    • first off that site almost gave my computer a virus so it is obviously unreliable second its been a year since those stats were relevent weve been through a arc and a time skip so again those stats are useless also dont threaten people when you dont have the power to back it up unlike you i can actually back up my threats like when i say stop talking to me or ill dox you have a good day though

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    • Hi Xzavenous
      I want to make things clear, just in case, that we got on the wrong foot here:
      We do always use the OFFICIAL stats and do not start to make our own suggestions, or push them throught with all we have got. So please stay with that rule. Personal suggestions and possible effects are something for the forum, while the Articles are for facts only.

      So please explain from where you take this stats before you do any further edits. Also I ask you to use proper language if you interact with other people.

      I hope you understand this and wish you a nice evening.

      Important: I do not want to offend you, but only see to it, that we can maintain the factproof working of the WIKI. Since this is the only reason for this WIKI to exist.

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