The military ranks of the warring states.


List of RanksEdit

  1. 5-Man Squad Leader
  2. 10-Man Squad Leader
  3. 100-Man Commander
  4. 300-Man Commander
  5. 1000-Man Commander
  6. 2000-Man Commander
  7. 3000-Man Commander
  8. 4000-Man Commander
  9. 5000-Man Commander
  10. General
  11. Great General

Special RanksEdit

  • Strategist - A tactical specialist who commonly serves as a military advisor to a mid-ranking as well as a higher-ranking officer.
  • Adjutant - A soldier/low level commander, who is assinged to a commander or strategist, to aide him on various things.
  • Lieutenant - The executive officer to any ranking commander or general.
  • Vice/Deputy General - This title is carried by every army general except the supreme commander.
  • Commander in Chief - The commanding general of several armies or the chief strategist of a state, also known as the supreme commander.
  • HQ Defense Chief - The officers in charge of defending the army HQ from enemy forces. 
  • Stand-in Commander - A general who steps in to replace the commander-in-chief's role in case of an emergency.
  • Messenger - Delivers the messages to the appropriate people.
  • Army Commander - A supporting commander selected by the General, fit for leading any portion or detachment of an army that the General needs help with.

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