Mou Aki
Mou Aki
Chinese Meng Qiu
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Black
Relatives Mou Gou (Father)
Mou Bu (Brother)
Mou Ten (Nephew)
Mou Ki (Nephew)
State Qin
Professional Information
Affiliates Mou Family
Manga Debut ***SPOILER***

Mou Aki is Mou Gou's daughter and Mou Bu's sister. She appears in the Kingdom Manga short story Meng Wu and Chu Zi. She is also the aunt of Mou Ten and Mou Ki.

Appearance Edit

Despite her tall build, she is a beautiful woman. She wears robes and she has black hair caught on a high ponytail. She has full lips.

Personality Edit

She tends to be a humorous and relaxed person, but she has a very caring personality towards her brother and offers good hospitality to the guests of the Mou family, regarding to Chu Zi's arrival in Qin.

Story Edit

She is seen taking care of the household of her father general Mou Gou when he is on a campaign. She is taking good care of the guests and of their needs.

Gallery Edit


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