Mou Bu Army

Mou Bu Army Portrait

Mou Bu Army anime portrait

Group Info
Name Mou Bu Army
General Mou Bu
Rank Army
Location Kankoku Pass
State Qin
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
The Mou Bu Army is the army led by Great General Mou Bu of Qin.


Battle of Bayou ArcEdit

During the Battle of Bayou, the Mou Bu Army took part in the expedition to stop the advance of the Zhao army, led by general Hou Ken. Mou Bu was appointed vice general of the Qin army under great general Ouki, responsible for the vanguard of the army. Mou Bu Army launched an attack head on against the Zhao cvalry and managed to break through their formation, but was tricked by general Ri Haku's retreating tactics and eventually cornered. If it wasn't for Ouki's intervention their fate would be uncertain.

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass the Mou Bu Army was set at the left of the walls against the Chu army. The sole purpose and main objective of the Moubu army was to lure out great general Kan Mei and slay him. Shou Hei Kun Qin's chief of military affairs had a strategy in mind that would help the army to achieve this. They would sent out 2 units, first unit led by commander Heki and Shou Kaku to attack the left flank and second unit led by his lieutenant-commander Rai Ki to attack right flank of the Kan Mei Army. They would deploy an Echelon Formation to create pressure waves for each attack wave the army send out, that will gradually pull back the Kanmei army. This tricked Kan Mei to send out his generals and reserves to reinforce the flanks of his army which led to his center being low on man power. But this was exactly what Moubu wanted, because as soon as he caught a glimpse Kanmei's HQ he would then lead a charge with the main force of his army of 5000 soldiers to attack the center head on. Kanmei who noticed Moubu movements sent out his elite unit Kyoubou Great Cavalry Corps of 10,000 superstrong soldiers to counter the charge of the Moubu army. But they proved to be no match for the Moubu as he ripped them apart and fought his way through and the unit was defeated. Kanmei then set out to face Moubu, while their armies fought eachother the 2 generals would clash in a decisive duel which would determine the outcome of the whole battle itself. After a hard fight Moubu eventually defeated Kanmei and his army gained the upper hand, this resulted in the Chu army being defeated and scattered. Kanmei and the Chu army had been defeated this scored a great achievement for the Moubu army.

State of Ai ArcEdit


Commander War/Battle Achievement Reward

Mou Bu

Battle of Kankoku Pass

Great general Kan Mei of Chu,

defeated and scattered the whole Chu army.

Nobility raised by two ranks, granted the lands of Ryuujin and Shunjin, 3,000 units of gold, 10 units of treasure. 

Gaku Ka Unit

Battle of Kankoku Pass

Pursed and cut wide swaths through the retreating coalition army without even pausing to heal his wounds.

Nobility raised by two ranks, granted the lands of Ryuujin and Shunjin, 3,000 units of gold, 10 units of treasure. 



Moubu portrait
Mou Bu
Great General

Vice Generals Edit

Rai Ki portrait
Rai Ki
"Right Hand Man"
Chou Shi portrait
Chou Shi
Ken Fu portrait
Ken Fu

Generals Edit

Commanders Edit

Soldiers Edit

Situational MembersEdit


Unlike other army members, Moubu's closest members wear horned helmets.


The Mou Bu Army is famous for their general's tremendous brute strength. The soldiers are loyal and follow their captain's lead against enemy armies, with a specialty of breaking enemy defenses.

However, during the battle of Kankoku pass, the Mou Bu Army demonstrated highly strategical battling maneuvers. They performed a double Echelon Formation attack that worked as a decoy for the upcoming main force charge.

Gallery Edit

Manga Edit

Mou Bu Army Charging
Mou Bu Army charges at the battle of Bayou
Mou Bu Breaks Ri Haku's shield wall
Mou Bu Army breaks Ri Haku's Echelon Formation
General Mou Bu victorious
Mou Bu Army defeats Ri Haku Army with brute strength
Chou Sou's Trap
Mou Bu Army enters Chou Sou's trap

Anime Edit

Mou Bu Army Advances To Chou Sou's Trap anime S1
Mou Bu Army advances right into Chou Sou's trap
Zhao Army Traps The Mou Bu Army anime S1
Mou Bu Army surrounded by the Zhao Army

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