Mou Family
Mou family portrait
Group Info
Name Mou Family
Location State of Qin
State Qin
Qi (formerly)
Affiliation Ryo Fui Faction (former)
Status Active
Group Personnel
Leader Mou Bu
Side Infos

The Mou Family are a wealthy family which has its roots in the state of Qin. A number of its members have gone on to achieve great success in their military careers within the state.


The Mou family was moved to Qin by Mou Gou. Where their military careers flourished by each generation.

Family MembersEdit

Mou gou portrait
Mou Gou
Great General
Leader of Mou Gou Army
Death: died at home in old age
Mou Aki
Mou Aki
Big Sister of Mou Bu
manages the residance of the Mou family
Mou Bu main page portrait
Mou Ten portrait
Mou Ki portrait

Possible RelativesEdit

Mou Ryuu portrait
Mou Ryuu
Commander in the Ou Sen Army
Death: slain by Ordo


Mou Gou and Mou Bu possess inhuman strength. It is shown that each generation is more skillful than its predecessor. Mou Bu challenged Kan Mei of Chu, who claimed to be the strongest man in China, and slew him in a duel. He charged at the Chu soldiers right after the duel was finished, even though he was wounded. This caused his name to be known thoughout of China.

Mou Ten and Mou Ki possess each a great tactical knowledge, and they have both studied at the strategic school of Shou Hei Kun. But Mou Ten possesses also a martial talent and is leading an independent military unit.

Mou Aki is taking care of the family residence, when the men are at a campaign.


  • Mou Gou died in peace
  • Mou Bu holds the rank of a Great General
  • Mou Ten is a 5000 Man Commander
  • Mou Ki is a strategist in the royal tactial headquarter of Qin