Mou Gou Army
Mou Gou army portrait
Group Info
Name Mou Gou Army
Location Kankoku Pass
State Qin
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
General Mou Gou
Side Infos

The Mou gou Army was the army led by general Mou Gou of Qin.


Kan Ki Army

Mou Gou is the only one who "defeated" Kan Ki's tactics, resulting Kan Ki to join him.

Ou Sen Army

Ou Sen joined Mou Gou Army to gain leverages, as he can fight tactics with himself.


Training ArcEdit

Anhou CampaignEdit

Sanyou Campaign ArcEdit

Sanyou CampaignEdit

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

Battle of Kankoku PassEdit


  • Conquering 20 cities in Han
  • Conquering 16 cities in Wei before arriving at Sanyou region
  • Conquering the Sanyou Region



Mou gou portrait
General Mou Gou

Vice GeneralsEdit

Kan Ki portrait
General Kan Ki
Ou Sen portrait
General Ou Sen


Ra Gen portrait
General Ra Gen
Slain by Rin Ko
Ei Bi portrait
General Ei Bi
Slain by Rin Ko
Do Mon portrait
General Do Mon
No image

1000-Man CommandersEdit

Kakubi portrait
Kaku Bi
Slain by Rin Ko
Jouhan portrait
Jou Han
Slain by Rin Ko
Taiun portrait
Slain by Rin Ko
No image
Bi Shi †
Slain by Rin Ko
No image
Riku †
Slain by Rin Ko
No image
Ba Koku †
Slain by Rin Ko
Ran Dou portrait
Ran Dou
Leader of Ran Dou Unit
punished for breaking the articles of war

Situational MembersEdit


Split his army in three and all advance at the same pace.

Mougou army tactics

Mougou army Tactics

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Anime Edit

Mou Gou Army's Headquarters anime portrait
Mou Gou Army's Headquarters
Ei Bi Army anime portrait
Ei Bi Army
Mou Gou Army Advances To Sanyou anime S2
Mou Gou Army advances to Sanyou
Mou Gou Army Arrives At Sanyou anime S2
Mou Gou Army arrives at Sanyou