Na Ki
Na Ki
Romaji Naki (jap.)
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Hair Black
State Qin
Location With Hi Shin Unit
Professional Information
Classification Officer
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Hi Shin Unit
Na Ki Clan
Kan Ki Army (Deflected)
Military Rank 1000-Man Commander
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 442

Na Ki is a 1000-Man commander of the Qin military. He used to be in Kan Ki's army, but transferred to Hi Shin Unit.

Appearance Edit

He has long hair, that he wears in two tails. He has a small goatee and a tattoo under his right eye. He is fully armored and fights with a sword.

Personality Edit

Na Ki tends to have a relaxed and controlled manner. Never showing much expression however always seems to be paying close attention to those around him. Thus most likely the reason why Kan Ki chose him to watch the Hi Shin unit.

History Edit

He is the leader of the Na Ki Clan, most likely another bandit group that was enveloped into the Kan Ki Army.

Story Edit

Koku You Campaign Arc Edit

Before the beginning of the Battle of Koku You Hill, Na Ki was assigned as a representative and exchange commander of the Kan Ki army. This was for Kan Ki to have a better understanding on how the Hi Shin Unit operates.

After seeing how inspiring Shin and Hi Shin unit are, Na Ki decides to leave the Kan Ki army to join Shin. When Kan Ki asked for a reason for leaving; Na Ki claims that eating without feeling guilty is the best thing ever.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc Edit

Naki was seen apparently having second thoughts of joining the Hi Shin Unit as he watch the Kan Ki Army do battle.

During the Battle of Shukai Plains he’s seen besides Shin when he went after Ki Sui’s head. After that he was later seen warning Ka Ryo Ten and Shin of a trap.

Abilities Edit

Na Ki appears to be a competent and strong commander. He strikes fear in other soldiers of the Kan Ki Army, claiming that when he is mad, he is worse than Rai Do.

Gallery Edit

Na Ki flanks Kei Sha
Na Ki flanks Kei Sha
Na Ki sword play
Na Ki sword skills
Na Ki stops Gan Jin
Na Ki stops Gan Jin
Na Ki kills Gan Jin 2
Na Ki kills Gan Jin
Na Ki tell Ba'in he will pay the toll
Na Ki tell Ba'in he will pay the toll
Na Ki requests transfer
Na Ki requests transfer to Hi Shin Unit

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