Natural Fortress

Natural fort 3

Ou Sen's Natural Fortress anime portrait

Weapon Info
Name Natural Fortress
Type Tactical Construct
Used by Haku Ki
Mou Gou
Ou Sen
A Natural Fortress is a piece of rocky landscape, usually located on a mountain side or a small hill, which is used by generals to provide natural protection from enemy attacks.


Taking advantage of this skill involves turning the natural landscape of a region into a fortress. It is rare to see a general capable of incorporating fort construction into his tactics.

Story Edit

Sanyou Campaign Arc Edit

Mou Gou and Ou Sen of the Qin army used this in defending themselves against Ren Pa.

Strengths Edit

Natural Fortress' Dead End anime S2

Broken Path

  • Strategem of the broken paths can be used.
  • Divisible paths which can't be seen from the bottom.


  • Mountain tribes that are experts in performing warfare in mountainous area.


Manga Edit

Natural fort 3
Ou Sen's Natural Fortress

Anime Edit

Mou Gou's Natural Fortress anime portrait
Mou Gou's Natural Fortress
Ou Sen's Natural Fortress anime portrait
Ou Sen's Natural Fortress