Never Ending (TV Version)
Never Ending (TV Version) portrait
Media Information
Ending Theme 3
Length 1:30
Starting Episode Episode 31
Ending Episode Episode 38
Destiny Sky/TV Version
21/TV Version

Never Ending is the 3rd ending theme of the anime Kingdom.  


English Romanized
akaki chishio Crimson blood flowing...
kono kodou wa yabou na no ka Is this racing pulse ambition?
osanaki hi chigatta Even now, I do not waver
yume wa ima mo yuru ga nai from that dream I dedicated myself to in my youth.
inochi ga moeru My life burns bright.
Never Ending Soul jounetsu yo Never Ending Soul of passion,
michibike tenchi wo hirake guide me and open the path to heaven.
Never Ending World uchitateyou Let's create a Never Ending Word!
eien no kizuna ga hokori Boasting an eternal blond,
omae to yumemita yumemita sekai wo kono te ni tsukamou you and I will grasp the world we dreamed of.

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