Ordo Army
Ordo Army portrait
Group Info
Name Ordo Army
State Yan
Affiliation Yan Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
General Ordo
Side Infos
Specialty Mountain Fort Sieging

The Ordo Army is comprised mainly of different Mountain Tribes and is specialized precisely in sieging mountain forts.


Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

General Ordo was granted commander-in-chief of a 120,000 men Yan army during the Battle of Kankoku Pass. He was going to attack left flank of the mountains which the Qin general Ousen defended. This terrain was perfect for Ordo army since Ordo himself was a mountain-king and had 8000 strong unit of mountain warriors who excelled in mountain siege warfare, as they could climb any mountain they faced. Ordo was also an expert in mountain analyzing as he could easily foretell the mountainous terrain ahead which he couldn't see in front of him.

Ordos 8000 mountain soldiers defeated

Ordo's Mountain warriors defeated.

He and his army pushed through Ousen's first mountain forts as Ou Sen realized he couldn't defend them anymore. As the Ordo army progressed through the mountain landscapes, Ousen had an ambush waiting for Ordo ahead which resulted in the 8000 strong mountain unit desctruction. Ordo realized he had been outplayed and that the ace of his army has been destroyed and was too afraid to go on and stopped his progress.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc Edit

Ordo was appointed as a Great General and was attacking the eastern border of Zhao, when the Zhao had all their forces gathered near the region of Koku You to fight the Qin. He is wondering, how Ri Boku will react in this situation. He seized multiple cities and castles on his way until he turned his eyes towards Seika. But Shi Ba Shou, with only a handful of elite Seika Army, held him into a standstill, while  Zhao general Chou Haku captured Yan cities behind Ordo, forcing him to retreat and attack the siege force.


Battle of Kankoku PassEdit

  • Conquered Ousen's mountain forts and took control over the mountain terrain next to Kankoku gate





8000 mountain tribe warriors who excels at mountain sieging.

  • Kauto
  • Bako
  • Mesa
  • Sakasaha
  • Eiji
  • Shittomitsu
  • Kyon
  • Gemu
Ordo army mountain climbing

Ordo's 8000 mountain warriors.