Ou Family
Ou Family portrait
Group Info
Name Ou Family
Location Ou Ki's City, others
State Qin
Status Active
Group Personnel
Leader Ou Sen
Side Infos

The Ou Family are a wealthy family which has its roots in the state of Qin. A number of its members have gone on to achieve great success in their military careers within the state. Its current head is Ou Sen, a General of Qin.


The known members are all male, have long dark hair and are strong men. Some like Ou Hon and Ou Ki have been seen wearing earrings on their left ear.


There was a split at some point in time as Ou Ki is from a branch of the family while Ou Hon is the successor to the main line.


Family MembersEdit

Ou Ki portrait
Ou Ki
The Monstrous Bird of Qin
Six Great Generals
Leader of Ou Ki Army
Death: slain by Gi Ka and Hou Ken
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Ou Sen
Current head of the family
Leader of Ou Sen Army
Ou Hon portrait
Kyou portrait
Six Great Generals
Ou ki's fiancée
Death: slain by Hou Ken

Possible RelativesEdit


They are powerful, talented men who are able to lead armies due to their successes on the battlefield. The known members of this family are blessed with superior martial ability and can deal with many opponents when fighting. They seem to have a preference for pole weapons such as spears and glavies.



  • It is yet to be confirmed but there is an indication that another from the Ou family was a one of the Six Great Generals and he is called Ou Kotsu.
  • They are a wealthy family as they owned a siege tower which Mou Ten called a rare item.