Ou Ki's Glaive
Shin Wields Ou Ki's Glaive
Weapon Info
Name Ou Ki's Glaive
Type Weapon
Owner Ou Ki (Former)

The glaive Ou Ki used from some point in his military career until his death. Having grown fond of Shin and in recognition of his talent, he passed on his glaive to Shin. Gyou’un consideres it to be jewel amongst weapons.

Anime scene only S01E38Edit

In the 38th last episode of Kingdom Anime you can see in the end scene (not seen in the manga) where Shin talks to Ei Sei about how he inherited the war glaive which is too heavy for him and how he wants Ei Sei to hold on to it until he is ready to wield it. Ei Sei then decides to tell Shin about what Ouki told him about King Sho's message and Ouki's dream of aiming for a unified China. He then says that with Ouki gone that dream is impossible now. But Shin disagrees and clearly states that it was he who inherited his weapon, and says that Ouki entrusted China to him and the lance to Shin and asks Ei Sei if he knows what specifically means.

Ei Sei then realizes the meaning and symbolism of it which makes them bound to each other  "The King and The Sword", where Shin replaced Ouki as the king's personal sword in their goal of a unified China and how they are going to be China's only king and sword.

Later in the manga at chapter 286 where Shin yells out to Mangoku why the killing and the quest for revenge must stop also strengthens the anime scene's message and the meaning of the story itself "And I will be the unbreakable sword of his will."

After inheriting it Edit

After inheriting the glaive, Shin trained in using glaives, alongside Hyou's sword. Before the Western Zhao Invasion Arc, he retrieved the weapon from Ei Sei. And used it in his battles.



Ei Sei receives Ou Ki's Glaive for safekeeping


Shin inherits Ouki's glaive
Ou Ki's Glaive inherited by Shin
Ou Ki's glaive & Duke Hyou's shield
Ou Ki's Glaive together with Duke Hyou's Shield in safekeeping