Rampart anime portrait

Weapon Info
Name Rampart
Type Defensive Wall
Used by Baku Koshin Unit
Rampart is a defensive wall in order to protect the people within it. It can be build with all sorts of materials, however it was seen build by the use of dead bodies.


Keiyou Campaign ArcEdit

It was first used by Kyou Kai and her squad mates. By pilling up dead bodies to barricade themselves in order to protect them from the War Chariots. Hai Rou suggested to also uses spears and shields. Shown in the war of Wei (Go Kei) vs Qin (Duke Hyou). See Battle at Dakan Plains.


  • It is a decent counter measure against War Chariots as they can't run over them.
  • It slows down the War Chariots and mounted units as they have obstacles in their way.
  • This should also have good defense against mounted units.


  • It is weak against spear units.
  • It has no room for the people inside to maneuver.
  • The top is unprotected.
  • Requires time to set up.
  • Needs materials to build the walls.
  • It needs a gap in order to get people in and out of the rampart, meaning a weak spot.