Ri Boku Army
Ri Boku Army portrait
Group Information
Status Active
Leader Ri Boku
State Zhao
Location Inner Zhao
Professional Information
Affiliates Zhao Military
Goal(s) Stop the Qin Invasion in Zhao
Prominent Personnels
Great General(s) Ri Boku
Hou Ken
General(s) Ba Nan Ji
Shun Sui Ju
Commander(s) Kaine
Fu Tei
Manga Debut Chapter 135
Anime Debut Episode 29

The Ri Boku Army is an army led by one of the Three Great Heavens of Zhao Ri Boku.


Ri Boku is a Great General from Zhao, before he made a name for himself he was mostly known for subdueing the Xiongnu threat to the north which constantly raids the northern part of Zhao, which no other general could. While serving at the region of Ganmon, Ri Boku army's cavalry had acquired horsemanship of an equal level to the mountain tribes. This skill would prove to be a huge advantage in future battles.


Battle of Bayou ArcEdit

Ri Boku army was introduced during Zhao's invasion in Qin. While remaining in the shadows at first, when the Zhao army was about to be attacked by both sides and seemed cornered, Ri Boku army appeared and attacked Ou Ki's army from the rear, revealing that the great general Ri Boku was the mastermind behind the invasion all along.

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

Battle of Kankoku Pass Edit

After setting the initiative for the creation of the coalition army, Ri Boku set his army at the far left part of the battlefield, right against the army of general Duke Hyou. On the night of the 15th day, Ri Boku, seemingly frustrated by Chu's failure, took his army and departed from headquarters.

Battle of SaiEdit

It was later revealed that Ri Boku had been sending portions of his army each day through a secret mountain passage that lead to middle of the southern pass to Kanyou. After joining his army himself, Ri Boku conquered city after city in his path reaching closer and closer to his goal, the Qin capital. However, Duke Hyou's instinct lead him to follow Ri Boku and he managed to meet his army just before they reached Kanyou. The Qin then rallied a last stand in the city of Sai, where even the Ei Sei, the king of Qin joined the fighting. The Ri Boku army had to besiege Sai, in order to destroy Qin completely. But their siege ring was broken by the mountain people, that came to aid Qin. The Ri Boku army had to retreat.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc Edit

He led the defense of Western Zhao. He tried to request King Tou Jou to reinforce him with Kantan army, but rebuffed. He instead takes Shun Sui Ju to command Ryouyou's defense with the city forces. While he led the Atsuyo defense.

Battle at Shukai PlainsEdit


  • Victory over the Xiongnu tribe while defending Zhao and also while invading Qin.
  • Victory in the Zhao-Qin invasions, slew great general Ou Ki.
  • Victory over the Yan army, slew great general Geki Shin.
  • Laid waste to many Qin-cities in the coalition war.
  • Loss in the coalition army invasion, slew great general Duke Hyou.



Ri Boku
Ri Boku
Great General
Zhao's Three Great Heavens

Great Generals Edit

Hou Ken portrait
Hou Ken
Great General
Zhao's Three Great Heavens


Alive Edit

Shun Sui ju
Shun Sui Ju
Ba Nan Ji
Ba Nan Ji
Kinmou portrait
Kin Mou
Deputy of Kei Sha

Deceased Edit

Kei Sha portrait
Kei Sha
slain by Shin
Shin Sei Jou portrait
Shin Sei Jou
slain by Ba Jio
No image
Son Sei †
Gakuei portrait
Gaku Ei
Deputy of Kei Sha
Slain by Shin


Kaine portrait
Adjutant and Bodyguard
Elite Cavalry unit commander
Fu Tei portrait
Souha portrait
lower adjutant
Gi Ka
Getsu Bou
Getsu Bou
Ba Nan Ji's commander
Sen bi
Sen Bi
Ba Nan Ji's commander
You Ou portrait
You Ou (Assumed †)
Kei Sha's personal guard commander
No image
Hoku Shin
No image
Hoku Reki
No image
No image
Ju Kan
Gaku'ei Army


Ban Riku portrait
Ban Riku†
Kaku Jou portrait
Kaku Jou†

Situational MembersEdit


Armies Edit

Kei Sha Army portrait
Kei Sha Army
40 000 soldiers
Ba Nan Ji sets off
Ba Nan Ji Army
10 000 soldiers

Units Edit

Kaine and Fu Tei Elite Unit
Kaine and Fu Tei Elite Units
Kei Sha
Kei Sha's Elite Unit


Due to the fierce clashes between the northern Xiongnu tribes in that region, their cavalry acquired horsemanship of an equal level to the Xiongnu.


Hou Ken Army portrait
Hou Ken leads a portion of Ri Bokus army against Yan
Riboku army portrait
Ri Boku leading the detachment force of the coalition army
Siege of Sai
The detachment force besieging Sai
Shin Sei Jou slayed by Bajio
Shin Sei Jou slain by Ba Jio while covering the retreat of the detachment force