Rin Bu Kun Army
Rin Bu Kun Army portrait
Group Info
Name Rin Bu Kun Army
Location Kankoku Pass
State Chu
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
General Rin Bu Kun
Side Infos

The Rin Bu Kun Army is the army led by general Rin Bu Kun of Chu.

Story Edit

Sanyou Aftermath ArcEdit

They were first seen stationed at the Qin/Chu border. Kouyoku then went to taught to Qin Commander Shin who defeated the Wei General Rin Ko. After firing arrows at them for three days Shin had enough and attacked Kou Yoku. Not wanting to start a war, Kou Yoku retreated. But Shin followed behind. Haku Rei intervened, and they stopped. Soon after, they are called back and he escorts the Prime Minister to meet with Ri Boku and deduces that Chu will ally itself with Zhao.

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

During the Coalition Army Invasion, Rinbukun led the vanguard of the Chu forces to devastate Fort Nanko but ignored all other cities in their haste to advance north. When his troops encounter Tou's army of 5,000 men, he encounters Dou Kin and instantly killed the him with one blow.

Battle of Kankoku PassEdit

During the Siege of Kankouku Pass, Rin Bu Kun's 1st Chu army engaged Tou's army. After nearly killing Roku O Mi, he was challenged to a duel by Tou himself. Although he put up a good fight, Ribunkun was eventually slain by the Qin general. The army was then considered defunct and general Ka Rin took over leadership of the remnants who then belonged to the Ka Rin Army.




Rin Bu Kun portrait
Rin Bu Kun
1st Army General in Kan Mei Army
Slain by Tou


Ro Kin portrait
Ro Kin
Executed by Ka Rin

1000-man CommandersEdit

Kou Yoku portrait
Kou Yoku
Rin Bu Kun Army (Defunct)
Joined Ka Rin Army
Haku Rei portrait
Haku Rei
Rin Bu Kun Army (Defunct)
Joined Ka Rin Army
Ten Bows of China
Goku 2
Leader of Goku Unit
Rin Bu Kun Army
Slain by: Roku O Mi

Units Edit

No image
Goku Unit
Slain by Roku O Mi
No image
Ben Unit
Slain by Roku O Mi
No image
Ken Unit
"Shield of the General"
Slain by Roku O Mi