Rin Gyoku Clan
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Group Info
Name Rin Gyoku Clan
Named by Rin Gyoku
Location With the Kan Ki Army
State Qin
Part of Kan Ki Army
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
Reporting to Kan Ki
Leader Rin Gyoku
Side Infos

The Rin Gyoku Clan is a Clan apart of the Kan Ki Army, led by Rin Gyoku.


Koku You Campaign ArcEdit

The clan was on reserves of Kan Ki. Rin Gyoku was Kan Ki's secretary.

Western Zhao Invasion ArcEdit

Kan Ki used his force to repel any Zhao attackers attacking them while besieging Gyou.

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Rin Gyoku Clan was composed of exclusively, cavalry.

Strength Edit

Their advantage is that they are all cavalry, benefiting mobility and manouvres.

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