Rin Gyoku
Biographical Information
Gender male
State Qin
Location Gyou,Zhao
Professional Information
Occupation soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Kan Ki Army
Military Rank Adjutant
Equipment 2 swords
Manga Debut Chapter 442

Rin Gyoku is the adjutant of general Kan Ki from the State of Qin.


He wears armor and is equiped with two swords. He has a small goatee and middle long hair, and tattoos on his face.

Personality Edit

He acts as the adjutant general Kan Ki and is often surprised by his actions. He does not feel comfortable when the Saki clan is torturing the captured Zhao soldiers during the Battle of Koku You Hill.

History Edit

Rin Gyoku is also a former bandit, which means he was with Kan Ki from his early days as a bandit. Yet he never had any big appearances.

Story Edit

Koku You Campaign Arc Edit

During the Battle of Koku You Hill, he was shown as the adjutant of Kan Ki. While the Saki clan is torturing the captured Zhao soldiers, to get information about Ki Sui of Rigan. He is seen puking because he can’t stand the smell and the view. As a cavalry commander, he was useless in the battle except being Kan Ki's guard.

Western Zhao Invasion ArcEdit

When the siege of Gyou, he was charged every Zhao force just because he was useless on Koku You. He was last seen snoring while the others eat.

Abilities Edit

Rin Gyoku was seen leading a cavalry charge and easily breaking through enemy lines with his two swords.

Gallery Edit

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