The man who is said to be the strongest in "that army" since long ago. The name of Rokuomi, 1st Army Commander of the Ouki Army is definitely not for show."

Mou Ten speaking about Roku O Mi.

Roku O Mi

Roku O Mi

Roku O Mi anime portrait

Chinese Lǜ Wu Wei
Kanji 録嗚未
Romaji Rokku Oo Mii
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Brown
Skin Brown
State Qin
Residence Ou Ki's City
Location Chiyoyou (Former)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Tou Army
Roku O Mi Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Japanese VA Tajiri Hiroaki
Manga Debut Chapter 105
Anime Debut Episode 29
Roku O Mi is a General of the state of Qin serving under great general Tou. He used to be the 1st Army Commander and a vassal in the Late Great General Ou Ki's Army.


He has a small goatee similar to Ou Ki's own and a warrior's build along with a normal expression on his face.


He is a very determined man as he rallies his troops to do whatever it takes to reach the Zhao. Roku O Mi is deeply loyal to his lord as he went berserk upon hearing news of Ou Ki's death. He snapped with impatience at the word of the Zhao-Qin alliance and was ready to kill all the Zhao present. Roku O Mi is hot-blooded, impatient and angry, while in battles, he fights with all his strength to defeat Karin's army.  


It is assumed that he has served in Ou Ki's battles in the past and has worked his way past being a 1000-man commander. As the commander of the 1st army, he is in charge of leading 20,000 troops into battle. He now serves as a General in Great General Tou's Army.


Training ArcEdit

Roku O Mi is first seen, prior to the battle, with Ou Ki and the other vassals after their training session. He is placed in charge of the 1st army of Qin. The night before the forth day, at the meeting between Mou Bu and Ou Ki, he almost got in a fight with the Qin general for not obeying Ou Ki's wishes to have a seat and is placed under Mou Bu's command along with the other commanders so they can attack the Zhao headquarters at once. On the fourth day of battle, his army charges at the Zhao headquarters some moments after Mou Bu's own, catching the Zhao by surprise. When he makes it to the mountain where the Zhao HQ is situated, he urges his men on to climb over any corpses in their way. Following Mou Bu's orders to pursue the Zhao forces into the mountainous region. That night Kan Ou's army camps with Roku O Mi's own army, after failing to engage enemy forces before nightfall. His army arrives too late to save Kan Ou's forces and absorb the survivors into their ranks. His army fought against Man Goku's and suffered great casualties but Man Goku lost twice the number of men Roku O Mi did. 

Alliance ArcEdit

At the royal palace, he was angry at the Zhao-Qin allliance and was ready to kill the Zhao present at the word of the Qin chancellor Ryo Fui

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

A few months after the Sanyou Campaign, Roku O Mi arrives with Kan Ou near the eastern mountains, investigating the Zhao, Chu and Wei regions. Meeting both Shin and Mou Ten, he talks about the network they have to keep watch against the other states.

Battle of Kankoku PassEdit

During the Coalition War at Kankoku Pass, Rokuomi was stationed at the right side of the Kankoku Pass under general Tou. Roku O Mi and Kan Ou were sent to charge the 1st army of Chu led by Rin Bu Kun. With great fury, he broke through unit after unit of Chu troops to arrive at the Chu general's position before engaging him in a duel. On the 15th day of the battle, both commanders were presumed dead, but they survived and returned to make a surprise attack on Chu general Ka Rin's 2nd army's rear.

Chiyoyou Campaign ArcEdit

Roku O Mi was one of the generals who went into the battle against Wei. Ou Hon came up as a tactic with using Tou as a bait and 3 armies attacking without communication. Although Roku O Mi was against this, the Qin still went with this tactic. He was one of the 3 commanders of the armies, while the others were Shin and Ou Hon.


Strength 91
Leadership 89
Intelligence 82
Experience A
Hot Bloodedness: a lot
Strength 90
Leadership 87
Intelligence 82
Experience B
Hot Bloodedness: a lot

An able commander and skilled warrior in battle, Roku O Mi has proven his mettle time and again, leading his forces to easily breakthrough enemy troops. He is strong enough to duel and wound Chu General Rin Bu Kun, who complimented him on the fact as few could do that. In addition to this, his reflexes are well honed as he was able to dodge Haku Rei's arrows, the same archer who killed Rin Bou.


Manga Edit

Rokuomi's wrath
Rokuomi's wrath
Rokumi faces Rin Bu Kun
Roku O Mi faces Rin Bu Kun
Roku O Mi Slays War Elephant Commander
Roku O Mi slays War Elephant Commander
Rokuomi and Kanou alive
Roku O Mi and Kan Ou returns to attack Ka Rin's Army
Chu Elephants
Roku O Mi confronted by War Elephants

Anime Edit

Roku O Mi And Kai Shi Bou Quarrel anime S2
Roku O Mi quarrels with Kai Shi Bou

Royal Palace
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  • Rin Bu Kun once said that he lacked a "sense of beauty" in his battle style.

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