Ryo Fui Faction
Ryo Fui faction
Group Info
Name Ryo Fui Faction
Location Kanyou
State Qin
Status Active
Group Personnel
Leader Ryo Fui
Side Infos
Goal(s) Gain Power
Support Ryo Fui

The Ryo Faction is an organization founded by Ryo Fui with the sole purpose of gaining political power in the State of Qin. Ryo's supporters are mostly political figures, military officers and diplomats.

They have lost their last power fight against the Ei Sei Faction. They lost a lot of power, but were not completely destroyed.



Ryo Fui portrait
Ryo Fui
Chancellor of the State(former merchant from Zhao)

Four Pillars of RyoEdit

The most important members of Ryo Fui faction were called the "Four Pillars of Ryo". But they do not openly assist him anymore. 

  • Shou Hei Kun's defected to the king's faction after the comming of age ceremony 
  • Mou Bu is stationed at the front 
  • Sai Taku died after he organized and witnessed a meeting between the kings of Qi and Qin  
  • Ri Shi was imprisoned after the comming of age ceremony. But he joined the king's faction, after hearing that Sei wants to rule the united China with law
Mou Bu portrait
Mou Bu
Great General
Ri Shi portrait
Ri Shi
Administration & Legalism
(Defected to Ei Sei Faction)
Sai Taku portrait
Sai Taku
(died a natural death)
Shouheikun portrait
Shou Hei Kun
Head of Military Affairs
(Defected to Ei Sei Faction)

Other MembersEdit

Ho Kaku Portrait
Ho Kaku
Bi Ki portrait
Rou Ai portrait
Rou Ai
(Created the State of Ai)
Amin portrait
Ryuu portrait
Ryuu †(rebelled)
Han O Ki Portrait


Ryo's vassals have reach more 1,000 and has over 10,000 families living on his lands. Which means he has already surpassed the scope of a single minister. The Qin-Zhao Alliance resulted in a large boost to his popularity.