Riboku's Ryuudou
Weapon Info
Name Ryuudou
Type Tactical Formation
Founder Ri Boku
Used by Ri Boku
Go Hou Mei
The Ryuudou, also known as the Ryudoryoku, is a defensive military strategy that requires a highly trained army and a skilled general to perform it.


Looking from above, the Ryuudou formation looks like the surface of a flowing river with leaves that ride on it (the leaves being the attacking armies). The scattered clumps of soldiers work like rocks that meticulously divert the flow according to the general's wishes, thus managing to spit the attackers into smaller groups and drive them away from the HQ.


Right before the Battle of Kankoku Pass when Duke Hyou was fighting against the Wei, Go Hou Mei attempted to use this technique. But, Duke Hyou halted his advance so the whole strategy was stopped right there.

On the 20th day of the Battle of Kankoku Pass, Riboku used the Ryuudou against Duke Hyou, splitting his forces.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

Usually the commander needs a high vantage point to make this technique possible. But Riboku is able to see the entire field while at ground level. The more the enemy tries to close in on the defenders HQ, the stronger the flow becomes. Here and there the defenders scatter defensive placements that go against the flow and split it up, splitting the enemy forces into two.


Riboku's Ryuudou
Riboku uses the Ryuudou
Gohoumei's Ryuudou
Go Hou Mei attempts the Ryuudou
Ryuudou soldier clumps
Clumps of soldiers dividing the attacking army

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