If Sanyou were to actually fall to Qin they will have acquired a large stepping stone towards China's central regions.

Ri Boku, about the Battle of Sanyou

Sanyou city


Is a city of Qin that used to belong to Wei. This city along with Chiyoyou  is very important to Qin for attacking other states.


It is located south east of Qin and lies next to Chiyoyou.


Sanyou Campaign ArcEdit

The city was taken from Wei by Qin in the Sanyou Campaign.

Sanyou Aftermath ArcEdit

Sanyou was used as staging point for future expansion by Qin and renamed Tougun.

State of Ai ArcEdit

The Royal Harem has taken over the governing of this city along with Chiyoyou. But instead went to Tai Gen to form Ai.