Sei Kai Army
Seikai army portrait
Group Info
Name Sei Kai Army
Location Kankoku Pass
State Han
Affiliation Han Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
General Sei Kai
Side Infos

The Sei Kai Army was the army led by General Sei Kai who was also commander-in-chief for the Han army in the Battle of Kankoku Pass.


Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

Sei Kai was granted commander-in-chief of an army of 50,000 during the Battle of Kankoku Pass. He and his army pushed the walls of Kankoku gate along side the Wei army, with posion archers and posion catapults as they lay siege to the Kankoku wall. The army specialized in posion weaponry since Seikai was a posion specialist. The Kan Ki and Chou Tou armies descended the kankoku wall and sent out units disguised as Wei soldiers to attack the Han army's HQ where Seikai was located.

The HQ force which was lead by HQ defence chief Nakon who tried to stop the momentum and defend Seikai but the forces broke through and successfully pushed their way into the HQ, Seikai's Black Arrow Posion Unit tried to stop them but failed and Choutou managed to slay Seikai but died afterwards because of Sekai's posion the day before, resulting in both the Sekai army's and the Chou Tou Army's defunct. Chou In replaced Seikai as stand-in-commander of the remaining Han army.


  • Killed Great General Chou Tou and his advisor

Army SizeEdit

50,000 during The Battle of Kankoku Pass



General Sei Kai


Chou In portrait
Chou In
Stand in commander
Nakon portrait
Na Kon
HQ defense chief


Black archer unit
Black Arrow Unit equipped with deadly poison arrows
Han's poison arrows
Poison Arrows
Han's poison crossbows
Poison Crossbows
Han army of Seikai
Sei Kai Army units and weapons, preparing to strike.