Sei Kyou Faction
Sei Kyou Faction portrait
Group Information
Status Active
Founder Ketsu Shi
Leader Rui
Sei Kyou † (Former)
State Qin
Residence Kanyou
Location Kanyou
Professional Information
Affiliates Ei Sei Faction
Goal(s) Support Ei Sei;
FORMER: kill Ei Sei and crown Sei Kyou
Prominent Personnels
General(s) En Ka
Ryuu † (traitor)
Group(s) Sei Kyou Army
Manga Debut Chapter ??

The Sei Kyou Faction is the faction formerly led by the prince of Qin, Sei Kyou. After his death the leadership of the faction passed to his wife, Rui, who continued to support the king.

Aims Edit

Originally formed with the intention to plant prince Sei Kyou on the throne, they eventually switched tracks, when Sei Kyou had a change of heart, deciding to support his brother's ambition of uniting China.



Rui portrait
wive of Sei Kyou
Seikyo portrait
Sei Kyou † (Former)
died in a plot of Ryo Fui


Ketsu shi portrait
Rankai (Former)
deflected to mountain tribes
Ju Haku portrait
Ju Haku
former teacher of Sei Kyou
Shi Shi portrait
Shi Shi (Former)
deflected to Ei Sei Faction
Kou To Portrait
Kou To
Tei Portrait
No image
Sou Family
No image
Wai Family
No image
Gei Family
No image
Unha Family
No image
Sekisou Family
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Mister An
No image
Mister Mou

Achievements Edit

Arc Event Impact

Seikyou Rebellion

Seikyou launches a coup

all but destroys his brother's faction, take the throne for himself

Seikyou Rebellion

Ei Sei and the Mountain King lead a join assault on the palace

after suffering defeat his faction is imprisoned

Sanyou Aftermath

Ei Sei releases his brother, and the Sei Kyou Faction from prison

the Sei Kyou Faction joins the Ei Sei Faction

Battle of Sai

Ei Sei leaves the capital to defend the city of Sai

Sei Kyou takes the throne in his brothers absence

Conspiracy in the Court

Sei Kyou is killed after being framed by Ryo

Rui takes over the Sei Kyou Faction, continuing to serve the Ei Sei Faction. Only 10 percent of the faction defects after Sei Kyou's death (compared to the predicted 50 percent)