Shi Ba Shou
Shi Ba Shou
Chinese Sima Shang
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Skin Dark
Distinction Keeping Seika safe
State Zhao
Residence Seika City
Location Battlefield with Ordo
Birth Place Seika
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation City Lord
Affiliates Seika City
Military Rank (Great) General
Political Position City Lord
Manga Debut Chapter 502
Shi Ba Shou is the lord of Seika City, which lies in the eastern part of Zhao.

Appearance Edit

So far he has only been mentioned and never made an official appearance.

History Edit

Before the events of the storyline, Shi Ba Shou's talents in warfare caught the eyes of Ri Boku. In recognition of his abilities, Ri Boku sent his recommendation of Shi Ba Shou for a seat in the Three Great Heavens. The king of Zhao followed his proposal and summoned Shi Ba Shou for the third seat. However, Shi Ba Shou declined, using an illness as an excuse, eventually spreading out as a rumor that continues to the present day.

Story Edit

Western Zhao Invasion Arc Edit

When the Qin began marching towards Zhao, Ri Boku pulled massive troops toward the western front. This gave Great General Ordo of Yan the chance to invade the eastern borderlands of Zhao and seize multiple cities and castles along the way. When he turned his eyes toward Seika, Shi Ba Shou sets out with 5000 men in order to challenge him on the fields. Ri Boku states, that in this case, they do not need to worry about the eastern front.

Abilities Edit

Ri Boku recommended him for the third seat in the Three Great Heavens of Zhao. Therefore, it is assumed that he has great talent in warfare. This was proven during the war with Yan, he was able to hold the Ordo Army of 20,000 soldiers at bay with only 5,000 men.

Trivia Edit

  • He is capable of performing warfare on the level of the Three Great Heavens
  • He does not wish to engage in battle, except for his city, Seika
  • Shi Ba Shou is most likely Zhao General, Sima Shang.
  • Various Shaolin fighting styles refer to a person going by this name.

Gallery Edit

Shi Ba Shou
Shi Ba Shou riding into battle

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