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Shin Portrait
Shin (jap.), Xin (chin.)
Biographical Information
Name Shin
Age 18
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Professional Information
Rank 3000-man Commander
Weapon Hyou's Sword
Character Information
Location Kaisou
State Qin
Faction Ei Sei faction
Affiliation Hi Shin Unit; Qin Military
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode-1
Japanese Voice Masakazu Morita

Shin (しん/信) is the main character in Kingdom, whose parents were killed in a war, which orphaned him. He grew up like a slave together with his best friend and fellow orphan, Hyou, in the small village of Jyouto, but the two always dreamed of leaving their social class by becoming the world's greatest generals. Not much is known of Shin's family or past. He is the Commander of the Hi Shin Unit (Flying Arrow), which is currently an independent 3000-man unit.


Poor cloths and sandals, and the sword from Hyou.

Has in his possession General Ō Ki's glaive and Duke Hyou's shield.

After the Sanyou campaign, Shin started to wear armor, and armored bracelets on his arms.


Shin has a temper, but he also has a good heart. He is clearly loyal to his friends since he vows to not stop until Hyō's is fully avenged—even at the risk of his own death. His hot temper also makes him clash with Ten and they tend to bicker like siblings constantly.

Shin's dream is to become the world's greatest general, so that his name will be known even in the heavens. He shared this dream with Hyō and now sets out to fulfill it for both of them. It seems he is going to train how to wield Ouki's glaive; however there has been no signs of him training with it even in the manga thus far due to it being "too heavy for him" (he does not yet feel worthy of wielding it).

What's so special about Shin is that he has managed to impress even the greatest generals after his participation in the different campaigns and battles, including: Ouki, Mogou, Riboku, Rinko, Renpa, Duke Hyou.


When Shin starting to live with the village mayor after his parents died, he met Hyō for the first time. Hyou inspired Shin in fighting (sword). They became close friends.

Hyou and Shin both lost their parents and there by became slaves. So they needed to do a lot of work in order for food and shelter.

They see it as training instead of work, because they have a dream of becoming a hero and a general.

With over a 1000 serious battles with each other, they became one step closer of becoming just that.

By dueling with swords every day, they both become very strong for their age, capable of defeating average and above average people easily.


Sei Kyou's Rebellion ArcEdit

While Shin and Hyō are performing one of their many sparring bouts, they draw the attention of Shoubunkun who was passing by at that time. Shoubunkun decides to take Hyō in his service and therefore taking him with him to the Royal Palace, leaving Shin behind.

A month later a mortally wounded Hyou return and asks Shin to do a final task for him. He gives Shin a map towards a small shack in. While searching for the shack, he runs in with some thugs, including a strangely dressed kid that, and beat them up. When he located the shack and entered it, Shin was shocked to see a young man looking like Hyō. This Hyō look alike turned out to be king Ei Sei, who was driven from the capital by his half-brother after a coup d'état. They are then attacked by the assassin Jo Kan, who was responsible for Hyou's death. Shin therefore kills Jo Kan, only to find themselves surrounded by troops send by Ei Sei's brother. The strangely dressed kid shows up again and says to now an escape route and introduces herself as Ka Ryo Ten. They escape through a tunnel and travel to a summer getaway that is the rendezvous point for the king's followers. While waiting for the others to arrive, they are attacked by a new assassin Muta. Initially in the battle Muta had the upper hand because his killing intent was overwhelming Shin. Sei informed Shin not to retreat, Shin realized what was happening and turned the tables becoming faster and stronger as the battle continued until Muta was defeated. Muta in a last ditch effort tried to kill Sei with his blow dart but was struck down from behind by Shoubunkun who just arrived on the scene. Shin realizing Shoubunkun is the source of where everything began and overall blamed him for the death of Hyo and tried to attack him. He was knocked unconscious by Shoubunkun lieutenant Heki. When he awoke Heki informed him about Hyou's heroic final moments referring to him as Lord Hyo. Shin is emotionally affected at his best friend final moments as Heki referred to the sight of Lord Hyo as a true Blue General. Shin is really amazed at how magnificent Hyo was and finds his resolve to walk the path to become a Great General of the Heavens. He then questions Sei on what is required of him in order to accomplish this goal.

Shin listens as Sei, Heki and Shoubunkun discuss the current situation when Ka Ryo Ten runs in asking if it is true that Ryo Fui is awaiting Sei's death before returning. Shin is shocked and angered by the current situation, he is concerned on how Sei is completely surrounded by enemies. Sei decides to journey up the mountain to request aid from the Mountain King. While traveling they are suddenly surrounded by mountain people, the current leader informs them he is aware of the current situation in Qin. Everyone is notified the mountain people will escort Sei only to the Mountain King accept it or be killed. One of the warriors attempt to grab Sei but he is sent flying with a punch to the face by Shin breaking part of his mask in the process. Sei gets the situation under control before everyone could start fighting and agrees to go to meet the King alone. He tells Shin that even though he is sword, at the moment a sword is not necessary. Not too long after Sei and the mountain people left, Shoubunkun ask Shin to go after Sei to save him. He also apologizes for the death of Hyo saying things were not supposed to turn out that way. Shin, Ka Ryo Ten and Heki are in pursuit of Sei and the mountain people however they are soon captured and thrown in prison. While in the cell a group of mountain people attempt to kill them but they were saved by the warrior Shin punched who now respects Shin's strength. Later Shin, Heki and Ka Ryo Ten are brought to the palace where Sei is to be beheaded however he escapes and helps convince the Mountain King to help Sei which is agreed upon re-establishing the alliance between Qin and the Mountain people.

Keiyou Campaign ArcEdit

The war with Wei was Shins first campaign. From the start Shin was considered weak because of his age and height by the other foot soldiers and no five man squad wanted him. He was left with what his comrades believed to be the weakest of the 4th army and even giving them the name the weakest five. Though they quickly start to wonder who Shin is when Shin greets 1000-man commander Heki and Heki doesn't kill him and instead invites him back to his tent.

Shin gazing at the battlefield
Shin's first campaign.
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Shin quickly proves to be a leader when he leads the surviving men of Baku Koshin's battalion through an attack from Wei's war chariots, which the majority of the 4th army failed to survive. Baku Koshin recognizes this and asks Shin if he wants a great achievement and allowing Shin to join his cavalry and even gives Shin his first achievement, the head of Kyuugen.

Because of his achievements, Shin was promoted to a 100-man commander.

Assassination Plot ArcEdit

Training ArcEdit

After repelling the assassination, Shin and Ten go back to their home. Ten stays there for a while before telling Shin that she will go study warfare to become a strategist. After Kyou Kai had stayed at Shin's place overnight, he decided to seek out Ou Ki for training. He went to En, a liaison posted in Shin's village by Heki, to bring him to Ou Ki's City.

After convincing him, Ouki sends Shin to the Stateless area to subjugate the area for him. He takes his sword, because he doesn't want Shin to do it with his own strength. The Nanba Tribe whose area Shin has fallen in, is considered to be the weakest tribe out of the ten groups in the area, numbers are around a hundred. He sees the defensive line made up of women and old people. He has the old men get into groups of five and focus down one enemy at a time. And the women fall back to support them with spears. He then presides to plug up the breach in the fence. Ouki reveal that Shin must the difficulty of leadership and the strength of unity.

Battle of Bayou ArcEdit

After Shin had assembled his 100-man unit, the majority of his unit being a mix of Wei veterans and fresh troops, and accepted the task of killing general Fuuki, Shin's unit received the name "Hi Shin Unit ( Fast and the trust worthy force)" by General Ou Ki.

General Ou Ki told Shin that it was the most critical part of the wars later stages against Zhao that General Fuuki died as soon as possible, and he was therefore not allowed to fail no matter what happened. Shin's force sneaked into the woods to infiltrate the right army of Zhao guarding General Fuuki, while the enemy was concentrating in front of the battle field where they were decimating the forces of General Kanou, which included commander Heki. Shin and his unit succeeded killing the enemy General with the help of General Kanou and Commander Heki.

On the fourth day, Shin's unit is assigned to join Kanou's fourth army for the mass assault on the Zhao forces. While they successfully carve their way through the enemy HQ defences, the enemy retreats into to the mountains.

During the fourth night, Kanou's camp, which included Shin and his squad, was attacked by Houken, Zhao's mysterious supreme commander. When Shin realized that Houken has slaughtered some of his allies, Shin decides to fight him. But is easily defeated even after working together with Kyou Kai. Shin then devise a plan to kill Houken. Even though Shin manages to injure Houken, he fails to inflict mortal wounds on him. Houken then knocks him out. But when Houken is about to kill him, his unit saves him, and together they flee from battle. Shin manages to survive here at the cost of several of his 100-men members, including Bi Tou, who carried Shin to safety. After the unit regroups the next day, they travel in the direction of Qin flags that are within their field of vision. These flags turn out to be part of a trap prepared by Shou Mou, but before he gets the chance to fight with the Hi Shin unit, Ou Ki appears and cuts down Shou Mou. The unit then follows Ou Ki’s army, which is moving towards the battle of Moubu vs Chousai and Houken. When they arrive, Moubu, Ryuukoku and some survivors are trapped by Chousai and Houken’s troops who had prepared themselves for Ou Ki’s arrival. Shin and his unit are then assigned to the infantry group that will act as bait to draw out the Zhao front lines after Tou had made the opening gambit by decimating the Zhao left wing archer units. Ou Ki’s plan proofed to be successful as he was able to penetrate deep into the Zhao army almost reaching their HQ, only to be stopped and challenged to a duel by Houken. Shin then moves towards the duel to be a witness to it.

When Riboku arrives, Shin and his unit go and try to intercept Gika’s unit that was moving to assault Ou Ki’s. But before Shin was able to reach Gika, he fires an arrow that hits Ou Ki in the back and allows Houken to pierce Ou Ki’s body and cause a mortal wound. Shin the kills Gika in a fit of rage and moves back to Ou Ki. While critically wounded, Ou Ki berates his men for losing their will to fight in order to restore their morale. He then proceeds to overpower Houken. Houken then pulls back his weapon in order to strike Ou Ki again, only to be blocked by Tou. Ou Ki then collapses, but Shin takes place before Ou Ki on his horse to support him. Tou then gives orders for Ou Ki’s bodyguard unit and the Hi Shin unit to bring Ou Ki’s body to safety while he himself proceeds to assault Riboku’s HQ as a diversion. He mentions to Shin that a chance for escape should present itself, referring to Moubu that was busy carving his way through the enemy lines. While escaping, Ou Ki regains consciousness and tells Shin to take a moment to relax, close his eyes and take a breath in order to fully experience the view of a general. Shin protests, only to be “strangled” into submission. Ou Ki then points out what a general sees, which includes a not before existing escape route created by Moubu and Ryuukoku. They then escape and regroup at a safe place in the surrounding forests, where Shin is witness to Ou Ki’s final moments; Ou Ki hands over the command of his forces to Tou, gives a final piece of advice to Moubu and gives his glaive to Shin, after which Ou Ki passes on.

A short time later, Shin (with Ou Ki’s glaive in his right hand), Moubu and many other Qin soldiers are looking at the “retreating” Zhao army, while grieving Ou Ki’s death. Shin then goes home where he is welcomed home by Ten who had taken a few days of from studying.

Alliance ArcEdit

1 year after the Zhao War and General Ou Ki's Death. Shin is found on the front lines of Qin and Wei with the rank of 300-man commander. Where he and the Hi Shin Unit are famous and have the power to change the tides of almost any small-scale battle. During this time he is invited by Shou Hei Kun to attend a meeting between Qin and Riboku that was orchestrated by Ryo Fui.

On arrival in Kanyou, Shin and Kyou Kai are welcomed by Shou Hei Kun himself. Shin asks why Ryo Fui arranged the meeting as he starts to think it’s for killing Riboku. Shou Hei Kun says he does not know and gives Shin and Kyou Kai the order to dress as guards and strike down Riboku on his command. Shin refuses, saying it would disgrace Ou Ki’s expectations of him. Shou Hei Kun then says that others are less objected to the thought of killing Riboku. At that moment Moubu, Tou and Ou Ki’s vassals pass them. Shou Hei Kun then says he only invited Shin in consideration of him receiving Ou Ki’s glaive so he should give up his childish sentiments. Shou Hei Kun continuous to explain that the nature of this meeting can be considered a war in itself.

Shin is then witness to the negotiations between Ryo Fui and Riboku that accumulates in a Qin-Zhao alliance and the transfer of the Kankou region to Qin. Following the negotiations, Shin and Kyou Kai participate in the celebratory dinner for new alliance. Shin spots two empty seats and takes place to the shock of everyone present. Before him sat Riboku who asked Shin if it was a smart decision to sit there as its Ryo Fui place. Shin jumped back on instinct to draw a sword, which causes the angered Kaine to speak some aggressive words to Shin. This incites Rokuomi to release some of his pent up frustrations after which he, Tou and the rest leave. Immediately after Moubu and his vassals leave to having drank up their portion of the liquor. Shin is then called over by Shōbunkun. Riboku then realizes that Shin is the captain of the Hi Shin unit who slayed Fuuki, causing the two to have a short talk ending with giving a splendid retort to small provocation. Shōbunkun then punches Shin on the top of the head and drags him away.

After the celebration Shin and a drunk Kyou Kai walk in on a conversation between Ten and Kaine, leading to a small discussion. Shin drags Ten away to meet up with Ei Sei, where Sei explains they only have five years to deal with Ryo Fui. He therefore asks Shin if he can become a general in five years.

One month after the Qin-Zhao alliance, Heki visits Shin on the front lines. Heki was in the middle of a trip to Asui where had some business to attend to with Duke Hyou. He informs Shin the Wei invasion campaign in drawing close. And since the Duke along with Mou Gou have been nominated as potential candidates to lead the campaign, Heki has been sent to ask Duke Hyou for his opinion. He informs Shin that this information is top secret but he decided to go out of his way to inform Shin. And if he wishes to jump up the ranks quickly, getting big accomplishments in large campaigns like these are the best choice. However that will only be possible if Shin and his men are posted at important positions within the army. So until then, Shin had to make the effort to earn as much merit as he can, no matter how small it may be, he had to do anything he could to secure a better position for himself in the upcoming campaign.

A few days later a rare large clash was actually about to occur on Shin's battlefront. For the purpose of pushing the battle lines. Wei had drafted a large army numbering over 10000 from the surrounding area. The Qin reacted by forming two armies to the north and south, to pincer the Wei army between the two Qin forces, then rout them.

Shin's Unit which is apart of the Northern Army, devises a plan to get to the enemies HQ. When they reach it they find it has already been destroyed. They then meet 300-Man Commander Ouhon from the Southern Army. Ouhon introduces his unit to the Hi Shin then goes on to explain the vast difference between the elite and common soldier. Bayou then humiliates the Hi Shin Unit. When Shin threatens Banyou, Ouhon gives him a glancing blow before telling him about the ongoing competition for the seat of a great general in Qin before insulting him. Shin tries to attack Ouhon and is pushed back by a reverse thrust from his spear. Ouhon goes on to tell Shin he is from the same family as Ouki, and that Ouki was in the branch family. Ouhon tells him that the Gyoku Hou will take all the achievements to be had.

That night the Hi Shin Unit comes up with a plan only they are capable of. They hid among dead corpse to sneak into the enemy's HQ. When the Gyoku Hou Unit arrives to the HQ they find it has been defeated by the Hi Shin Unit.

Sanyou Campaign ArcEdit

A month later, the Hi Shin Unit is stationed in Mougou’s personal army. While stationed near the front of the reserve unit they meet Mou Ten, who is also aiming to become a great general.

On the third day, the Hi Shin Unit sees their first siege. The Qin Army was forced to retreat but the Hi Shin Unit didn’t suffer any casualties but 20 men were injured. Ten days later the Gyoku Hou Unit brings a siege tower to the battlefield under the cover of smoke, and are able to get on top of the gate. They they use ropes to get down and open the gate for the army.

Later inside the city of Kourou after an argument between Mouten and Ouhon, they see fire coming from the city. They see a very horrific site. Shin is stopped by En, because attacking your own is a severe crime and could get him executed, and the one’s doing this will be punished. Then 1000-Man Commander Randou tells them that there’s not a single army that follows the rule about not killing prisoners. He presides by killing a child, which sends Shin off the deep end. He stops with his sword at Randou’s throat. Mouten tells him that if he cuts down a 1000-Man Commander he will lose everything. Shin tells him to order his men to stop this humane act and swear he will never lay hand on another civilian. He kicks Shin and goes to kill him, Shin slices him. He then states, “Shin of the Hi Shin Unit will absolutely never forgive scumbags like you!! No matter what reason!! Doesn't matter if you’re a 1000-Man Commander, a general, or even a king!! None of it means shit!! That’s the way I've chosen! It has never changed up until now and will never change in the future!!” Then the Hi Shin Unit comes to back their captain.

Thanks to Mouten, Shin gets confined for only one night as Randou struck first and didn't die. Shin decides to dedicate that night to reflecting on his actions without sleeping.

Days later, the Hi Shin Unit uses the Gyoku Hou’s siege tower. They then try to do the same rope trick, but fail. Shin would have been killed if it weren't for the 1000-Man Kakubi Unit breaking through the south wall, while they were distracted by the siege tower. But after breaking into the city, the Hi Shin Unit was able to defeat a famous Wei commander’s Unit. Also, the siege tower broke.

That night while they’re celebrating they meet Kakubi, he tells him that because of their similar background, he respects and supports Shin. Kakubi comments that due to Shin's actions in Kourou, there have been no acts of atrocity in Kinrikan. Telling him that they won't lose out to the noble caste, he heads for a war council.

Just a few minutes later, he is decapitated by Rin Ko, who infiltrated the city to kill notable 1000-men commanders.

Three days later, despite the army's defensive march, Rinko successfully kills general Ragen while the Mougou army marched to their next Wei city. Rinko’s path away from the dead general leads him to the Hi Shin unit whom he intimidates with his fierce killing intent. It causes them to halt in fear, with the exception of Shin, who attacks Rinko instantly. He grabs Shin by the wrist, running him into branches before attempting a cut that is dodged by the 300 man commander. Dropping Shin on the floor, he tells his men to go ahead and comments that Shin must be strong to have dodged his sword and be unfazed by his killing intent. After asking his name, he checks his list and not finding Shin on it, tells him that he gets to live another day. Shin interrupts his departure by asking if he killed Kakubi, Rinko replies yes, and is instantly attacked by Shin yet again. He cuts at Shin's chest but he manages to dodge most of the blow leading Rinko to note that Shin is already giving off the "air of a General" though it is but the tiniest of hints. He charges Shin but is stopped by spears thrown by the Hi Shin unit who caught up to them.

When Shin asks how an assassin could be a 300 man commander, Rinko informs him that he can command much more as he is a full fledged general. Before leaving, he states that generals that are truly beloved by the heavens number only a small handful and wonders to himself why he mentioned that. After telling Shin that he will remember the Hi Shin unit, he heads to his next target.

A few nights later, Shin catches a rabbit and on his way to cook it he steps on an old man’s head. He shares his rabbit with him and gives him advice. The next morning the three 300-Man Commanders are gathered to promote two of them to the rank of 1000-Man Commander temporarily. Ouhon and Mouten are chosen. But Shin is called to Mougou and he recognizes him as the old man from last night. On the whim of Mougou Shin is promoted but harsh conditions. He must bring back the heads of either three 1000-Man Commanders or one general. And if he is unable to fulfill these requirements he will be demoted three ranks and forced to start over from 5-Man Squad Leader, and the Hi Shin Unit will be disbanded. Shin replies by stating he will take the head of General Renpa, and if he can't he'll gladly start over as a infantry soldier. Sinse the Hi Shin Unit was bolstered by 700 men.

At the gathering of his newly rebuilt unit, Sosui the former lieutenant of the Kakubi Unit introduces himself and says the his new 700 men are remnants of the Kakubi Unit. He lets Sosui keep his rank.

Later in a conversation with Mouten and Ouhon, Shin learns that a large number of officers in the army are resentful of their promotions. And there are people in the upper echelons who look unfavorably upon this as well. So if they lose the campaign, they will be court martialed and punished. So Shin had to start thinking of how to utilize a 1000-Man Unit’s tactics. After all, a 1000-Man Unit is an entity that is already at a scale where its actions can affect the battlefield as a whole.

While discussing battle strategies, Do Mon informs them that the battle will be drawing near. That night Kyou Kai informs after the war she will leave the Hi Shin Unit, to go avenge her sister. And when she’s done she will come back, so she can move forward with them.

On the day of the battle they find out Renpa is not the Commander-in-Chief, so he won't be limited to staying in headquarters.

While posted in the 2nd wave, Sosui informs Shin that before targeting Renpa they should meet their requirements first, to be officially recognized as a 1000-Man Unit.

Later Shin is informed the enemy is targeting newly formed 1000-Man Units. With the 1st wave suffering heavy damage the 2nd is called in. Unlike the other the Hi Shin Unit was doing well by fighting as separate bodies. But under the rule that “no matter what time it is, and no matter what enemy you happen to be fighting the moment there’s a signal, we will all charge the target marked by Captain Shin and strike them as 1000 men in unison”-Sosui

When the Wei 2nd wave appears they set off smoke bombs to have the 1st army retreat. The Wei then begin to attack the Qin with arrows from outside of the smoke. No matter where they went the arrows kept coming, Kyou Kai figured out the Wei were transmitting their position using sound. But it is useless to kill the sound teams because more would just take their place. As they are about the pull out of the smoke the Wei send out their chariots. Kyou Kai comes up with a plan to make noise themselves to confuse the enemy. En comments saying that there has been a low ringing sound since the battle, to which Kyou Kai replies it must be the enemy command squad. So if they then figure out the place that’s giving off the noise they find the location of the enemy command group. Shin has the Seki Squad figure out where the noise was coming from. They take the cavalry leaving the infantry with En. When they reach the command group they are caught in a trap. While Shin is leading the charge from the front he gives everyone the strength to go on. When the enemy starts to aim for Shin Sosui sends the Retsu brothers to guard him. As they close in on the enemy infantry they are knocked off their horses by an anti-cavalry picket trap, which was hidden underground. Thanks to this trap, the Hi Shin Unit’s Vanguard was nearly completely destroyed, leaving only a handful of survivors. Being cut off from their comrades, Shin and a dozen other members were trapped by 800 Wei soldiers. As they were being slaughtered by the Wei, the smoke began to come to the rear of them. Then the Gyoku Hou Unit suddenly appeared from amidst the smoke. They began to head for Genbou. Then the rest of the Hi Shin Unit’s cavalry shows up having imitated the Gyoku Hou and came be stepping on top of corpses. They then begin to chase after the Gyoku Hou and claim Genbou head for themselves. When they catch up to the Gyoku Hou, Shin notices the injuries on Ouhon. He raises their morale, by insulting them. As they are about to reach Genbou he has all his forces retreat. As they are retreating Shin throws a spear at Genbou, which only hit the top of his seat. Sosui tells Shin they did enough by causing the Wei to retreat, but Shin says that they were completely crushed by Genbou.

The Mougou Army which had suffered a devastating loss in the opening battle set up Shin and Ouhon as the heroes of the battle in an effort to preserve morale.

At nightfall, Mouten informs Shin Genbou was killed by Kanki. Then he invites Shin to Ouhon’s tent. Mouten has their three units fight together to strike down Rinko. The next day the Gaku Ka switches back to and independent entity and heads out, leaving 200 men to cover their spot. They aim for Rinko’s command, but their target isn't Rinko rather his own personal soldiers. When Mouten gave the signal both the Gyoku Hou and Hi Shin rush out. Thanks to the Gaku Ka’s first engagement, all the Wei soldiers were on guard thinking that it was some sort of concerted attack with other units. But it was only the Gaku Ka all by themselves grabbing the enemy’s attention. So there was little to no obstructions for the Hi Shin and Gyoku Hou. When they started to close in on the enemy command, the Gaku Ka opened a path by leading the Wei soldiers away with them. Leaving only Rinko’s remaining soldiers. When Sosui takes a hit from one of Rinko soldiers and kills him, Kyou Kai goes back for him saying the Hi Shin Unit has need of him in the future. Then Shin heads for Rinko. When Shin and Ouhon fight him, he tries to finish off Ouhon, who is the more troublesome one, but is interrupted by Shin. Rinko thinking he can easily defeat Shin is surprised when he blows him away, and is capable of keeping up with him. Rinko states Shin is capable of bringing out more power the stronger his opponent is. As Ouhon and Shin rush Rinko he is able to fend off both their attacks. Shin states that, “Being able to wound even general Ouki wasn’t just some idle rumor.” Rinko claims that they don’t understand what its like to go up against General Ouki. Shin tells him that Ouhon from the same family as Ouki, and he’s the one that inherited General Ouki’s Glaive. And he’s the man who inherited his dying will, and the man who will surpass all other generals and become the strongest general in history. When he says that after he slays him Renpa is next, Rinko slashes Shin across the forehead, saying to Shin not to get ahead of himself because today is the last day of his life. As they are fighting Rinko Deals heavy blows to Shin. Shin releases why all the Great Generals he’s seen are so strong isn’t simply because of the number of battles they’ve been in, they managed to overcome it right in the heat of battle over and over again. Shin then begins to surpass his limits, he uses his “Jump Attack” and breaks Rinko’s horse and cut off two fingers on his left hand. The Hi Shin and Gyoku Hou then pull out, but are surrounded. Then Banyou comes and has secured an escape route.

That night as Kyou Kai tends to Shin’s wounds, she gives him a secret medicine passed down in her village. She uses her small supply on Shin ignoring her own wounds. The next morning Shin is up and feeling fine. Kyou Kai claims half was due to the medicine and the other half was due to his absurd healing strength.

Later on Shin find out from General Ei Bi that the Hi Shin Unit has been assigned to the reserves in the rear, along with the Gyou Hou and Gaku Ka But Eibi says that if Rinko makes his move being posted in the rear would actually be to the Hi Shin Unit’s advantage. Sosui agrees, because it would be difficult to run into Rinko deployed as part of the line. Whereas the larger area they cover as part of the rear gives them a better chance. Before the battle, Shin is ordered to leave 200 of his men as a precaution against further enemy movements. Seeing the injured Kyou Kai he leaves 200 of their most heavily wounded men, under her command.

When attacking the Qin, Rinko has his troops perform the rindou. When they break off they head straight for General Eibi, who is slain, and leaves the rest to Shin.

Before Rinko can make it to the HQ, he is stopped by Shin and the Hi Shin Unit. They enter into a fierce duel. As Shin tries to hit Rinko from the left, where he can’t use his other hand. But thanks to Rinko’s skillful horsemanship, he can’t get an opening at all.

Even though Shin knew that there was something going on at the HQ, he didn't have time to worry about it, because it he turned his eyes away from Rinko for an instant, he would die. During the fight Rinko realizes that Shin is the reason for the high morale of all the Qin soldiers. In reality, Shin was fulfilling the role of a commander for the whole area. When Shin charges for Rinko, he deals a leg wound Shin’s leg, and since he’s mounted it proves to be fatal. Because a stable footing is essential for mounted combat, and having lost that he was no longer able to stop Rinko’s swings. Shin then jumps and grabs Rinko throwing the both of them to the ground, injuring Rinko’s neck. Having switch to a ground arena, through his will power Shin is able to stand on his wounded leg. During their duel it begins to rain. Shin is losing strength, but Sosui stops the infantry from coming to his aid, saying if they intervene Shin’s name will be tarnished forever, making it so he can never become a Great General. That doesn't stop Gir You, because if Rinko dies its over for the Wei. He’s then cut down by Sosui. Then Sosui who could not stop himself let off a huge killing intent directed at Rinko. And in response to that, Rinko reflexively cut him down. And in that tiny window, when Rinko shifted his attention away from Shin, Shin did not let the opportunity escape to deal a fatal blow to Rinko. Then Rinko slashed Shins leg. RInko got back up. Rinko says to that Renpa is waiting for him because he is Renpa’s sword bestowed to him by the heavens. And that there are only a small handful of generals that are truly beloved by the heavens. He tells Shin about how Renpa saved him as a child. And it was fate that brought him and Renpa the two of whom had a natural talent for warfare together. Shin says that the heavens don’t dictate fate. And that everyone stands on their own two feet. But the part about meeting people being important, he can understand be, because he met and grew up together with the man who was going to become an even greater general than Renpa. He gave him his dream, but left him at a young age, but in exchange he ended up encountering another incredible guy. And from then on, even more meetings and farewells with irreplaceable comrades. And he even met the man who would become the “compass” for his path. And for Rinko to say all this wasn't a coincidence, he might be right, but that doesn't have anything to do with the heavens. All he’s doing is moving forward,
Shin stabs Rinko
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carrying all the thoughts of his comrades on his shoulders, one step at a time. And his fights with Rinko will also become fuel for him to move forward even more. So meetings are up to fate, and everything after is all up to you. After a few more swings Shin runs Rinko threw.

Instead of cutting off Rinko’s head, En tells the Unit that news will still spread the same. And he has the cavalry spread the word that Shin slew Rinko. Sosui is still unconscious but should be alright.

Then, Ryuu Sen notices that the spot they left Kyou Kai and the other injured men is empty. A dying Wei soldier mockingly tells them that their reserve unit of 500 men from Kaishibou’s personal retinue posted to the side of Rinko’s main force, broke through their weakened areas, when their attention was turned. So the comrades they left have been killed by know. They then rush over to the area. They find a mountain of corpses. After a while they find an exhausted Kyou Kai standing over a large amount of large enemy corpses. Then because of tears in her clothing, the unit figures out Kyou Kai is really a women. Then Den Yuu reminds everyone of all the time Kyou Kai had saved them, and it doesn't matter that she’s a women. And for a young girl like her to be so skill with a sword, then going as far as to take to the battleground while disguised as a man, she must be carrying a great burden or task on her shoulders. Shin responds by saying it’s the opposite, because Kyou Kai is actually “empty.” And she is on a journey to avenge her sister. Then she finally started to look past her revenge, for a place where she can return to after it’s done, and that place was the Hi Shin Unit. So they decide to treat her the same as before, and the fact that she’s a woman might someday reach the enemy, and once that happens she would be targeted specifically for that reason. So they made a pact to use what little strength they had to protect Kyou Kai together.

En notices the news of Rinko’s death seems to have blunted their momentum, but they weren't collapsing just yet. The reason for their morale holding was due to the fact Rinko wasn't a genuine Wei general, and the fact that this a battle to safeguard their own homeland from foreign invasion.

Shin leaves the Unit to En, and heads for Mougou’s HQ. Shin meets up with Mouten on the way to HQ. They fight the path towards the HQ completely unguarded, and when they reach the HQ they fight no one there. When they find Mougou they locked into a duel with Renpa, then Renpa cuts off his arm. Mouten then rushes Renpa, but he kills his horse and two of his men, knocking Mouten to the ground.

When Shin is watching of Renpa he feels Renpa’s pressure, and unlike Ouki he is standing as their enemy, which makes it hard to breathe, because it feels like his heart is being held in his grasp. But when Renpa insults Ouki, Shin gets furious, and yells at Renpa. When Renpa looks at him, he tells Shin he’s 10 years too early, and first must acquire a name worth his time if he wishes to speak to him. Shin replies by saying he already has a name worthy of that. He then throw Rinko’s sword at Renpa, and says, “I am Shin of the Hi Shin Unit, the man who slew Rinko of your four heavenly kings!!” Renpa then directs this
Shin blocks Renpa's Strike
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attention towards Shin. Shin dismounts and braces himself for Renpa’s blow. As he blocks it he feels the awesome full strength blow of a Great General knocking him into the ground. Shin then rises and is hit again blowing him away, but still stands back up. After a long talk between Renpa and Mougou, Renpa prepares to kill Shin who doesn't have the energy to move. But stops when Mougou tells him that Shin accompanied Ouki in his last moments, and was the one who inherited his glaive. After cutting down a Qin soldier who stabbed him in the back. He ask Shin what Ouki’s last moments were like? “Was he relieved that though he had been defeated, it was not enough to tarnish his fame, or did he pass on with a face twisted with hatred and regret?” Shin replies by telling Renpa it was neither, and Ouki said, “Those who are strong will always be defeated by the next powerful person. And so, the flow of time continues on. Which is exactly why these chaotic times are so interesting. He died with a smile on his face. That sight of him could be seen by anyone as a Great General of the Heavens! That visage of him was that of a true hero of the ages.”

Then General Kaishibou came came from the flank to assist Renpa. They then see the Wei HQ in flames. To tip the scale Kaishibou tries to kill Mougou to tip the scale, but is order by Renpa to cease, because this was their loss. Because Kaishibou’s Left Army remained scattered in the mountains, whilst the Center Army, having lost Rinko, has now been rendered powerless, and even Kyouen’s Right Army is still held up in the mountains to the rear. If it were a Zhao army, perhaps they would have a chance. But since it was Wei, to rally them would take much more time. Also they had Ousen and Kanki to deal with. Then Heki rushes up the mountain with 2000 soldiers. Then he tells Mougou it was time for a ceasefire. Stating which the Qin will hereby forbid all attacks on any of Wei’s soldiers, and Renpa will begin retreating the Wei forces at his own discretion, and they are not to lay a hand on any of the Sanyou populace nearby who have been hiding. Mougou agrees.

As Kaishibou goes to apologize for losing track of Kanki, and allowing him to get to the Wei HQ. Renpa replies to him saying Kanki wasn't the problem. Because the Wei main offence was comprised of the Center Army. So long as that remained intact, regrouping would have been a manageable task. Their biggest miscalculation was that its commander, Rinko, would be defeated by some nameless soldiers.

He then goes over to Shin. He then tells Mouten to get back. He then tells Shin to become a Great General he needs the “willpower of a hundred!” Also, the arm strength of a hundred. The knowledge of a hundred, the experience of a hundred, the luck of a hundred. It was due to the Zhao Three Great Heavens and Qin Six Generals possessing all these traits that they were able to construct such a perfect era! He then ask Shin if he thinks he’ll be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Shin replies by saying him dream isn't to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, rather to surpass all of them and become the Greatest General in History. He then tells Shin it is impossible to even become equal, much less surpass them. No matter how large of a storm he kicks up in the future, the only thing that will ever be thrown his way is “what if’s.” However the truth is, there exists only one method through which Shin can surpass them, and that is by completely overwriting their legend. By completing a tremendous feat that even they were not able to accomplish, history will, without a doubt, remember his name. And that is the unification of all of China. And to accomplish this feat would require a king who holds a frightful level of “Martial Might.” But most of all, it requires a king of a caliber who would not balk at the great cost of bloodshed this feat would require. Then Shin promises Renpa he will unify China. He then gives Shin Rinko’s sword, and tells Shin to keep on improving himself and bids him farewell.

Mougou then goes to inform the troops they've won the battle. As Heki comes to greet Shin he passes out. Meanwhile Kanyou Sei he’s about the win, and how Shin defeated the commander of the Wei main offensive.

The Hi Shin Unit was allowed to return home as a small gesture of reward by General Mougou. On the journey home Kyou Kai decides to leave before Shin wakes up. As she is leaving she is caught in a trap set by Shin, as punishment for trying to sneak off by herself. Then Shin tells her that no matter how much distance is between them, they’ll be supporting her from behind. She then proceeds by throwing Shin into the hole.

In Kanyou Shinboukun comments on Shin’s outfit, saying he can’t believe he’s wearing that to the reward ceremony. Shin replies saying these are his only clothes. But since some people are wearing body armor they should let him slide.

Shin as a 1000-man commander
At the reward ceremony Shin stands at the front, and is quickly rushed to the back by Mouten. Shin is rewarded the third prize, for slaying Rinko the general commanding the Wei main offence. As he goes to the front he steps on general Do Mon. While walking he is stiff, and his face is frozen, but when he see Sei his nervousness vanishes. Shin’s nobility rank was raised by three ranks, and he was awarded 500 units of gold, and 5 units of treasure, and officially promoted to a 1000-Man Commander. Then he was bestowed a sword by Sei. The sight of the two young men would steal away the breaths of every spectator there. Because the sight of the two seemed to fit perfectly together, despite the difference in status as a king and army officer. The beauty of the spectacle plunged the entire hall into silence for an instant, and then it transformed into great applause. But the two of them were actually acting out the scene, because doing this was all they could do to hold back their laughter. After the ceremony, Shin tells Sei their two paths have merged into one, the unification of China. And to achieve that requires both military strength and the strength of a king.

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

The Battle of Kankoku PassEdit

For The Battle at Kankoku Pass Shin was assigned to Duke Hyou's army. When Duke Hyou charges the Zhao army, Shin and his men quickly follow Duke Hyou and shortly before engaging the Zhao troops, Shin sends Ten back, deeming the melee engagement to dangerous. When Duke Hyou turns his army left to engage the Zhao right army of Kouson Ryuu that had made a movement, Shin and his men fight their way through the Zhao troops almost all the way to Duke Hyou's unit. Duke Hyou's army then got attacked in the

Shin slays Mangoku
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Rear by the army of Man Goku and Shin instinctively realized the danger of this and moved all the way from the front to the back with his unit to save the entire army of Duke Hyou. When he arrived in the back he successfully halted Mangoku's advance and started to rile up the entire rear of Duke Hyou's army to make a stand. Doing this, Shin successfully rallied 10.000 troops to turn around and face Mangoku's army head on. Shin then fights his way to Man Goku and after a short conversation slashes down Mangoku. In relation to their previous conversation, Shin pays his final respects by promising Mangoku that he will never commit or allow something like The Massacre of Chouhei to ever happen again. Man Goku says he will be watching Shin from the hatred and always be watching to see if he keeps his promise.

During the night, Shin is sitting on an elevated place deep in thought. Even his men sitting below him are talking with a serious mood about what happened, instead of a joyous celebration for killing a general. Shin is then slapped hard on the back by Duke Hyou and tumbles down the elevated place all the way down and falls on Ten mouth to mouth, therefore kissing each other. Duke Hyou then has a drink with Shin to celebrate Shin being the Hero of the day for their battle field. While challenging the men present to drink his liquor, Duke Hyou talks about the current state of their battle and how he perceives warfare. Shin says he understand the Duke's view on warfare and Duke Hyou in recognition of Shin's words and action asks how many losses the Hi Shin unit had in order to bolster them with troops from his own unit, he even throws in two 500-man units for Shin to use how he sees fit.

Battle of SaiEdit

Sei ready for battle
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After Duke Hyou's death, Shin led the remnants of his army along with the Hi Shin Unit further in the Bu Pass. After passing by the three cities of Kan, Ri, and Rou, they reached the city of Sai, where they could finally get seek refuge from the endless pursuit of Riboku's soldiers. By choosing to stop at Sai, what these men saw could truly be said to be a single ray of light shining through the darkness. What they saw was their King Ei Sei, who told them his reason for being there was to fight along side them. Shin then informed Sei that Duke Hyou was killed, and those that are left are all beaten up too, and if that wasn't enough, the enemies Riboku and Houken would be there soon, and all their great general caliber generals were still at Kankoku Pass. Sei revealed his plan to stop the enemy there at Sai. While the two men were talking, everyone was wondering who that mysterious figure was. Shin revealed that Sei is none other than the king of Qin, much to everyone's amazement, who were surprised with how casual Shin was with him.

Shin and Sei held a meeting at the HQ to discuss the way they would approach the battle. Ten shared the information she gathered on the city's state. Hearing the news, Shin realized it was going to come down to a melee battle on the walls and asked Ten how many men were available, to which she replied 1,000 men. Shocked Shin respond that The Riboku Army was over 30,000 strong, while the sum of the Qin forces were less than 5,000. Sai's population numbered roughly 30,000, however, 20,000 of them were comprised of children, women, or the elderly. Sei was relieved that there was still so many left and if they were to add them up then they would have 35,000. Shin was shocked that they were planning to use normal civilians to fight and told Sei not to underestimate warfare, but Shou Bun Kun told him to be quiet.

Later, Sei had the entire populous gather. Shin was on edge, and wondered if Sei's plan was going to work. Shō Bun Kun started by introducing himself as the Chancellor of the Left and then Sei as their sovereign, Ei Sei the 31st King of Qin. Sei, with a moving speech managed to convince the militia to take up arms and defend their city and state to their dying breath.

Shin energetically fought everyday, protecting Sai and playing a big role in the whole defense. He is fatigued at night, and Sei comes to visit him, making the whole Hi Shin unit surprised.However,slowly Sai begins to fall,making everyone demoralised.Suddenly,reinforcements from the mountain come.Shin says that only he,Sei and a very few other people knew about this.The tides of the battle turn and Riboku's troops are getting overwhelmed and start loosing,but,then appears Houken.As Yotanwa angered wants to duel him,Shin stops her saying that he should be the one that duels Houken.As the fight between Shin and Houken begins,tboth of their horses fall,and Shin is dealt a blow in the ribs by Houken early in the fight,and he is knocked away.As everyone thinks Shin instantly lost,he stands up and tells Houken that he realizes why he struggled with Duke Hyou and couldn't defeat Ouki.It was because Houken's blade did not weight like a blade of a true Great General.

Shin stabs Hou Ken
Shin wounds Hou Ken
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As he angers Houken,both of them charge at each other,trading blows.Just as Shin manages to parry Houken's strike,he attacks him again knocking him away,and wounding him in the chest.Not leaving any time for Houken to retaliate,Shin quickly jump-attacks,wounding and scarring Houken at the same place where Ouki did.Seeing this,Riboku orders a retreat.At first Houken refuses to retreat,even killing soldiers that came to help him.But, Shin Sei Jou convinces him to retreat.Houken says that he will let Shin live,but remember his name.As Shin wants to stop Houken from leaving,he faints.

Coalition Invasion AftermathEdit

After the Riboku army retreated from Sai, the citizens and troops naturally held a party to celebrate this great victory. Shin was still lying unconscious in a bed due to his wounds in the previous battle and duel with Houken. Some time during the night, Shin woke up and saw that Ten had been by his side the whole time and had actually fallen asleep. He gave a smile and put Ten in the bed instead and then left to go outside, almost everyone at the party had fallen asleep due to the exhaustion from being to forced with little to no sleep for a week. Similarly the mountain tribes were exhausted from being push in a fiery pace by Yotanwa in order for them to go to Qin's rescue.

When looking at everyone sleeping soundly and getting some well earned rest, he noticed someone on a wall and after a moment recognizes Sei. Shin decided to go talk to him and had to crawl up the last set of stairs due to his fatigue. He spoke to Sei about war, how it affects you as a person and that the people of Sai more than likely knew that they were being manipulated into fighting but that they still fought for Sei because of how brightly he shined. After this night they wait another day before leaving for Kanyou.

Shortly before the award ceremony, he met up with Mouten and Ohhoun to discuss how they fared during the invasion. Ohhoun and Shin almost sparks a new fight between them, forcing Mouten to once again mediate and calm them down.

During the award ceremony there was three "Special semi-awards" that was going to be give out. The first of the awards went to the people of Sai for valiantly defending their city with the price of their lifes. Each citizen had his nobility rank raised by two and would receive a portion of a generous monetary reward. The second went to the mountain king Yotanwa. She received the rank of Dai Jouzou (5th highest rank in the 20-rank system) and 30 units of treasure. The last of the award was given to Shin for his many accomplishments during the invasion. For personally slaying Zhao General Mangoku, for accompanying Duke Hyou in chasing down the Riboku army in the southern passage and thereby buying precious time for everyone else, for serving as the southern wall commander and even though they saw the most brutal fighting in the whole battle, holding it to the end. Finally this award was given to Shin because he personally dueled Houken and managed to drive him off without too many casualties.

Due to all these feats Shin had his nobility rank raised by 1, he had is current territory of residence Fuuri enlarged, received 500 units of gold, 5 units of treasure and lastly, became officially promoted from a 1000-man commander to a 3000-man commander.

Hi Shin Unit 3000-man strong
Shin leading the 3000-man Hi Shin Unit
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When receiving the ceremonial sword from Sei, Sei asked him if he isn't happy as he is not causing a big ruckus like during the last ceremony. Shin replied that of course he is happy, but he is more excited for what is slowly coming into view, referring of course to being only 3 ranks away from becoming a fully fledged general.

Two weeks later Shin and his Unit set out for Kaisou regiion to defend the citizens and help rebuild the villages. Due to the invasion the villages were in ruins, no definsive walls or fences and many homes were burnt down. Shin would be informed by Ten that Ouhon and Mouten were north and south of their current locations. Ouhon been promoted to 3000 man commander and Mouten to 2000 man commander. Ten thinks HQ stationed them close to each other so their rivalry would allow them to finish their tasks quickly. Later the Unit will be joined by their missing Liutenanat who finally finished her revenge. She would then inform Shin of her 2 goals. One to aim to become a great general also since that's what her sister would have done and two to have Shin's child.


STATS (Shin)
Strength 90+α
Leadership 80
Knowledge 72
STATS (Shin)
Strength 88+α
Leadership 70
Knowledge 70
STATS (Shin)
Strength 80+α
Leadership 50
Knowledge 40
Special Attack: Jump Attack

Shin's special attack
Kamerond5Added by Kamerond5

Sword SkillsEdit

Shin's swordsmanship skills are very good due to his constant training over 1000 times with Hyō. He is able to hold his ground against multiple opponents, most recently his skills allow him to quickly overwelm multiple skilled opponents (Battle of Sai) and survive and greatly wound Kou Ken.


He also has monstrous strength. Capable of overpowering 4 bandits at the same time. He gets stronger as he becomes excited. He is able to kill Rinko (93 strength) the most dangerous and strongest vassals of Renpa.He has also been capable of dueling and wounding Hou Ken,who currently has the highest Strength stat in the whole manga, and has only been wounded by Ou Ki and Duke Hyou two of the most skilled fighters shown.


He is able to dodge fast attacks. We don't know if he is doing this instinctively or if he is able to see that attack and move accordingly. It is possible that he can see the attack because at some point he was able to see the path of an arrow and reflect it with his sword.


In the fight with Jo Kan, it seems that Shin also has the ability to adapt very quickly in order to get the upper hand in battles.


We don't know how fast he is exactly, but he is surely faster than the average person. Kyou kai states that Shin can keep up with her speed.


He has a very high endurance rate. Capable of still fighting when loosing a lot of blood and keep going when being cut and sliced. Also able to fight near constantly for days with little sleep as shown in the battle of Sai.

Healing RateEdit

It is stated by Kyou Kai that he also has a higher healing rate then most other.

Leader SkillsEdit

He has the skill to inspire the people around him, much like any great general. Be able to increase moral in dire situations is one of his greatest assets. It has been stated by Rin Ko that he was a greater leader than he was at Shin's age, shown when at the time Shin had became the figure head for the entire central army. Another example is shown when he led 10,000 of Duke Hyou's troops most of whom were in disarray and retreating.


Ever since the battle with Rinko, Shin's Horsemanship has improved by leaps and bounds. Afterwards, in the manga he was also able to repel Renpa's blows. Capable of riding horses that are more difficult to control. His horse also displayed great loyalty to him so it is assumed that he treated it such to deserve that loyalty.


Instictual Shin
Shin is an Instinctual type Commander
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During the invasion of Qin by the Coalition Army at The Battle at Kankoku Pass on the first day, Shin demonstrated awakening as an instinctual general. Able to sense that the rear would be attacked and moved accordingly. In the following days he felt that there was something wrong with the enemy as he thought that the Chu army was kind of quiet in there attacks.


He isn't capable of creating strategic plans, which makes it difficult for him to score victories against relatively weak opponents. Sometimes easily provoked and very reckless.


Just before the death of Ou Ki, taught Shin how to breath and see. When he opened his eyes, he was able to see allies and enemy's more clearly. Able to see escape routes and patterns. We don't know if Shin is currently capable of using this technique, because it is never being mentioned after this event. However it is possible that during the invasion of Qin by the Coalition Army, when he started to awaken his instinctual ability's, he is actually utilizing what he learned from Ou Ki. But this is just speculations so far.

We see sometimes that very strong people have a sort of aura around them. We don't know if this is just animation for making them appear stronger or this is actually an ability. However there are hints here and there that this is maybe an actually ability, because Yotanwa was able to see something through walls and Ou Ki and other generals mentioned being able to sense strong opponents if they are near the vicinity. We also don't know if to able to sense an opponent and see their aura is related to the same ability.

Owned Land/HouseEdit

Shin's house
Shin house and land


  • From what we see in his time as a slave, Shin has absolutely zero cooking and cleaning skills.
  • Fun fact: The voice behind Shin, Masakazu Morita, also was the voice of Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach), and he was the motion picture actor for Zell Dincht in Final Fantasy VIII!
  • Shin is based on real life general of Qin, Li Xin.


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Shin colored in the manga
Shin stabs Rinko
Shin Defeats Rinko
Shin slays Fuu Ki
Shin Slays Fuuki
Shin's first kill
Shin's First Kill
Shin slays Bakan
Shin Slays Bakan
Shin slays Saji
Shin Slays Saji
Shin slays Mangoku
Shin slays Mangoku
Shin slays Gi Ka
Shin slays Gi Ka
Shin kissing Ten
Shin kisses Ten
Sei rewards Shin
Shin accepting Sei's reward
Shin inherits Ouki's glaive
Shin holding Ouki's Glaive
Sai and Shin battle of Sai
With Sei just before the battle of Sai
Shin Vs Fu Tei
Shin Vs Fu Tei
Futei defeated by Shin
Shin defeating Fu Tei
Shin slashing zhao soldiers
Shin slashing his way through to Ei Sei
Shin charges Hou Ken
Shin charges Houken
Shun (Horse) portrait
Shin riding Shun
Shin blocks Houken
Shin blocks Houken's attack
Shin vs Houken
Shin vs Houken
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Shin receives award from Ei Sei
Shin and Ei Sei Award Ceremony.

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