King sho yan
Chinese Zhao
Romaji Sho
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
State Yan
Location Yan
Professional Information
Classification King
Affiliates Yan Government
Manga Debut Chapter 251

King Sho is the former King of the State of Yan.


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King Sho was faced with his nation on the brink of ruin and so, summoned his vassal Gou Wei to discuss how to attract talented men to his land so that he might rebuild his cities. To which, Gou Wei replied that if that is what he desires, he should begin by showering him with lavish gifts. And by doing that, more talented men than he from across the lands will definitely gather in their kingdom. And sure enough, when news traveled that king Sho had bestowed riches upon Gou Wei, highly skilled men began to flock towards the lands of Yan.

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