Don't worry, don't you know? My master when he was young, was even stronger than Mou Bu.

Kai Oku to Shou Bun Kun, in the battle of Kanyou

Shou Hei Kun Army
Shou Hei Kun Army
Group Info
Name Shou Hei Kun Army
Rank Army
Location Kanyou
State Qin
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
General Shou Hei Kun
Commander(s) Kai Oku
Side Infos

The Shou Hei Kun Army is the army led by Qin's top military Strategist and Head of Military Affairs, Shou Hei Kun.

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Gallery Edit

Hyou Shiga Black Cavalry Corps portrait
The Black Cavalry Corps
Shou Hei Kun Army performing Hourai
Performing the Hourai

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