Siege Tower

Wei siege tower

Episode 50 portrait

Siege Weapon
Weapon Info
Name Siege Tower
Owner Wei Military
Qin Military
Siege Towers are essentially large, wheeled, and shielded staircases capable of safely ferrying men from the ground to the top of castle walls. Siege towers are an invaluable resource in sieges, but are often not used due to their sheer size and weight making them difficult to transport.

History Edit

  • Used by Ou Hon during the Sanyou Campaign
  • Used by the Wei during the Coalition Invasion, where they made leaps and bounds in engineering by designing and transporting the largest tower to date. Notably had a weight and lever system to extend its reach.
  • Used by the Heki Army during the siege of Tonryuu.

Strength Edit

  • Armored shell protects men from enemy attacks
  • Height makes it possible to easily access enemy walls.

Weaknesses Edit

  • While one may soak its wooden shell in water to render the threat of fire obsolete, when coated in oil, it is still a very real threat.
  • Heavy and large, it is very inconvenient to transport over rough terrain or great distances.


Manga Edit

Wei siege tower
Giant Siege Tower
Gyoku Ho Unit's seige tower
Siege Tower
Gyoku Hou Unit (Qin)

Anime Edit

Episode 50 portrait
Siege Tower
Gyoku Hou Unit (Qin)

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