Strategist Academy
Strategist academy
Group Info
Name Strategist Academy
State Qin
Status Active
Group Personnel
Commander(s) Shou Hei Kun
Side Infos
Specialty Training gifted strategist

Background InformationEdit

The academy is Qin's best strategist training institution. Applicants come from across the state, but the famous facility only accepts one out of every hundred people. The institution is completely separate from Shou Hei Kun's public service as one of the "Four Pillars of Ryo," meaning there are no political coloring there.


Shouheikun portrait
Shou Hei Kun
Kai Oku portrait
Kai Oku


Mou Ten portrait
Mou Ki portrait
Ka Ryo Ten portrait
Koua & Kinryuu
Koua & Kinryuu

Gallery Edit

Strategist academy facilitites
Strategist academy dorm
Academy Dormrooms