Summer Getaway


Summer Getaway anime portrait

Location Info
Name Summer Getaway

The Summer Getaway was built by the mountain dwellers 400 years ago and was for Boku Kou, who was a previous King of State of Qin. It was built right when Boku Kou formed an alliance together with the mountain dwellers.


The Summer Getaway is located at the west part of Qin right into the mountain territory.


Summer Getaway


The mountain people built it for Boku Kou as thanks for his friendship towards the mountain people. After the king died the place was abandoned and forgotten, because of Qin cutting all ties and resuming hostilities with the mountain people. However the mountain people still regard that place as sacred ground and kept the summer getaway in perfect shape.


  • The king of Qin used it as a summer getaway and in order to talk and negotiate with the mountain people. After his death, it became is burial ground.
  • This is where the battle between Shin and Muta took place.
  • Ei Sei used it a hideout and an HQ for retaking the throne.

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