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The Ten Bows of China consist of the top ten archers from all of China. Originally, the Ten Bows was formed from the top ten participants of an archery competition held by King Burei of Zhao. They have an internal ranking mentioned by Haku Rei. The Ten Bows of China were introduced by Kou Rigen in the war of the Dakan plains.

Strengths of the Ten Bows of ChinaEdit

Current Ten Bows

#?? Ba Shu Ri of Wei, also known as the "God Bow"

  • Deadly Accuracy
  • Could hit a target 9 out of 10 times at 500 paces
  • Kill count of enemy commanders said to be over 100
  • Retired
  • Considered one of the top three within the Ten Bows of China.

#03 Haku Rei of Chu

  • Deadly Accuracy

#?? Senshu Bi of Yan

  • Deadly Accuracy
  • Considered one of the top three within the Ten Bows of China.

#?? Sei Ka Un of Zhao

  • Deadly Accuracy
  • Considered one of the top three within the Ten Bows of China.

#?? Kyou En

  • Arrows fly twice the distance of an average archer
  • Able to freely to control various of troops out of sight with an arrow
  • Extremely strong arrows with his arrows managing to pierce the shields of Ousen's bodyguards, which were made of iron forged in Chu (whose metallurgy skills are unmatched in all of China).

Previous Ten Bows

#01 Kin Rei

  • Deadly Accuracy
  • Crowned champion during the first Ten Bows of China competition under King Burei of Zhao.
  • Was able to hit a target that was 500 paces away 8/10 times.

#?? Gi Ka of Zhao

  • Deadly Accuracy

#?? Kou Rigen of Wei

  • Deadly Accuracy

#?? Duke Haku of Wei

  • Deadly Accuracy

#?? Sou Gen of Qin

  • Deadly Accuracy
  • Was able to hit a target 8 out of 10 times at 500 paces.
  • Defeated Haku of Wei during a duel; thereby being acknowledged as a member of the Ten Bows by ally and enemy alike.
  • Created an elite mounted archer divison under Duke Hyou called the Soukyuu Unit.


Current / Alive:
No image
Ba Shu Ri
"God Bow"
Sei Ka Un portrait
Senshu Bi portrait
Haku Rei portrait
Haku Rei
3rd place
Kyou En Portrait
Former / Deceased:
Kou Rigen Portrait
Kou Rigen
Gika portrait
Duke Haku portrait
Duke Haku
Sougen portrait
Sou Gen

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