Third Faction Arc

Third Faction Arc cover

Media Information
Starting Date August 8, 2013
Ending Date August 12, 2013
Chapters 183-188
Number of Chapter 6
Alliance Arc
Sanyou Campaign Arc

Third Faction Arc is the 8th story arc of the Kingdom manga.


King Ei Sei receives a letter from his mother asking for a meeting. Due to their bad relationship, Sei is suspicious of that request, however he decides to grant it as the Royal Harem's political influence could work as a great asset to his struggle against the Ryo Faction.

During the meeting Sei realizes that his mother bares a deep hatred for her son because of all the hardships she had to go through during their stay in the state of Zhao. The reason she asked for the meeting was to see if she could in any way feel any affection for her son, but seeing his face, that proved to be impossible.

On the other hand, the Queen Mother is in good terms with Sei's rival, Ryo Fui. In fact, the two meet in secret in the queen's chambers and reveal their past of being lovers. Kou happens to be present in that meeting and overhears their plot to dethrone Sei and, despite getting seriously wounded in the process, she manages to survive and inform Sei about what she witnessed.

Sei uses that information and starts spreading rumors about Ryo Fui having an affair with the Queen Mother, a feat that is punishable by death. Ryo's faction start feeling uneasy and ask their leader repeatedly for answers. Ryo Fui denies everything and blames this on his opposition, who simply try to spoil his reputation.

In the end, as Ryo takes the gamble and continues his secret affair with the queen, he is granted the political support provided by the Royal Harem faction, becoming even more powerful. Despite that, Sei is more determined that ever to dominate this struggle for power.


  • Sei's mother is introduced.
  • Ryo Fui's relationship with the Queen Mother is revealed.
  • The Royal Harem is presented as a separate faction with great political influence.

Characters IntroducedEdit

Queen Mother

Chou Kou


  • So far, this arc is the smallest in the series, with only 6 chapters.


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