• in chapter 243, when shin gains the rank of 1000 men commander, he also gets his rank in nobility raised. does someone knows how many ranks there are, which rank shin is now and what benefits each rank holds?

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    • It hasn't been stated in the manga. It probably has to do with the land they own and other priviledges, like slaves and stuff. Maybe if you searth the warring states history irl you'll find something.

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    • It's about the status elevation.

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    • Well if you become a Duke then that must be the highest nobility right? Enough to have your own city like Ouki

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    • Nope,the highest in nobility is Ryo's rank,then it's the famous families like Wang,Mou,etc.

      But i think the highest nobility for an individual is the rank of a 'Governer'(he can pass his own laws in the province he governs in the name of King).

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