• does someone has a clear view on how the war is progressing, how much land has Qin and Zhao gained by conquering al these castles? how many castles does each state has now?

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    • *SPOILER*

      If you are not up to date with the manga stop reading

      Qin hasn't taken anything really. The one city of Wei they conquered during the Sanyou campaign they gave it up during the Coalition invasion. And the city they were given by Zhao, I guess went back to Zhao after the alliance ended.

      Zhao has won a battle with Houken against Yan but it is unknown if they conquered any cities.

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    • Qin conquered just one city.

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    • I'm not so sure about this, the coalition army actually skipped alot of cities because they all wanted the 5 armies to get there as soon as possible to start the battle deployment and make up a plan with the generals. The coalition army wanted to catch Qin off guard that's why Ei Sei and the war council had to withraw all their forces available back to Kankoku pass because they weren't ready for the pace of the incoming threat.

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    • Yeah,none of the cities were shown to be lost,but it can be safely assumed that some of them were.

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