Three Great Heavens
Zhao great heavens
Group Information
Status Active
Founder Zhao King
Leader Ri Boku
State Zhao
Professional Information
Affiliates Zhao Military
Rank Great General
Specialty Duels (Hou Ken)
Prominent Personnels
Great General(s) Current:
Ri Boku
Hou Ken

Rin Shou Jo
Chou Sha †
Ren Pa (exiled)

Strategist(s) Ri Boku
Rin Shou Jo
The Three Great Heavens were three legendary Great Generals from the state of Zhao.

Appearance Edit

The Three Great Heavens appeared during the Six Great Generals' period, being originally composed of the older Zhao generals Ren Pa, Chou Sha and Rin Shou Jo. The current Three Great Heavens of Zhao are Ri Boku and Hou Ken, while the third seat of the third Great Heaven is empty, thus the third general has yet to be rewarded.

The Three Great Heavens had fought several times with the Six Great Generals of Qin; one of the most crucial battles were the battles fought between Ou Ki and Ren Pa.

History Edit

Strength Edit

The strength and abilities of the previous Three Great Heavens was on par with Qin's Six Great Generals, Wei's Seven Fire Dragons, and eastern Yan's Great General, Gaku Ki.

Weakness Edit


Zhao current heavens

Zhao's current Great Heavens

Currently, there are only two known generals with that title:

The third one is either not known yet or currently that title is yet to be given to the final member of the Zhao Three Great Heavens. Before the events of the storyline, Shi Ba Shou's talents in warfare caught the eyes of Ri Boku. In recognition of his abilities, Ri Boku sent his recommendation of Shi Ba Shou for a seat in the Three Great Heavens. The king of Zhao followed his proposal and summoned Shi Ba Shou for the third seat. However, Shi Ba Shou declined.

In his fight against Shin, the 3000-man commander, Fu Tei stated his goal to fill the empty seat of the last of the Zhao Three Great Heavens, so most likely the final member has yet to be rewarded the title.


Zhao great heavens

Zhao's original Three Great Heavens

The Zhao Three Great Heavens were the pendent to Qin's Six Great Generals. They were composed of:

Out of the Three Great Heaven, only Ren Pa is still alive, but has been exiled from Zhao.

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