War horses are horses bred and trained to be used by Cavalry in warfare. In many cases, they are mostly immune to shock, fear, and violence and are able to lash out at enemy humans and fellow horses alike. It is also said that Zhao has the fastest and finest horses in all of China, stemming from their constant encounters with the Xiongnu in Gan Mon and their history as the first state to use cavalry. They are also usually trained to be attuned to their masters' actions and can be protected with armor; often for the head and neck to protect against blows while full body armor has been observed with the cost being reduced speed. Standard gear will usually include a saddle for the horseman to ride on, and a bridle and stirrups to guide the horse as one wishes. Other uses include being used to pull War Chariots with two per chariot.

One notable example of a war horse is Ou (jap), Huang (chin) who belongs to General Ou Ki. It is not just a typical war horse used by common cavalry as it is his personal steed. When Shin mounted Ouki's horse in order to escape from the Zhao army, Ou Ki told Shin that apart from himself he had never seen anyone directing Ou and was quite surprised. Shin's would later own a war horse of his own named Shun during the Battle of Sai.

Notable War HorsesEdit

Choukatsu horse
Chou Katsu's war horse
Duke Hyou 's horse
Duke Hyou's war horse
Ei Sei 's horse
Ei Sei's war horse
Gai Mou Confronts So Sui
Gai Mou's war horse
Geki Shin 's horse
Geki Shin's war horse
Gi Kou portrait
Gi Kou's war horse
Go Kei 's horse
Go Kei's war horse
Hou Ken 's horse
Hou Ken's war horse
Kan Mei 's horse
Kan Mei's war horse
Kei Sha 's horse
Kei Sha's war horse
Kyou 's horse
Kyou's war horse
Mou Bu 's horse
Mou Bu's war horse
Gaku Han
Mou Gou 's horse
Mou Gou's war horse
Ou Ki 's horse
Ou Ki's war horse
Ouki Young
Young Ou Ki's war horse
Ou Kotsu Battle
Ou Kotsu's war horse
Ou Sen 's horse
Ou Sen's war horse
Rin Ko 's horse
Rin Ko's war horse
Sei Kai 's horse
Sei Kai's war horse
Shun (Horse) portrait
Shin's war horse
Tou 's horse
Tou's war horse
Boku Kou's War Horse anime portrait
Boku Kou's War Horse
Geki Shin anime portrait
Geki Shin's war horse
Gi Kou's War Horse anime portrait
Gi Kou's war horse
Hou Ken's War Horse anime portrait
Hou Ken's war horse
Kyou's War Horse anime portrait
Young Kyou's War Horse
Kyou En's War Horse anime portrait
Kyou En's war horse
Mou Bu's Strength anime S1
Mou Bu's war horse
Mou Gou's War Horse anime portrait
Mou Gou's war horse
Shin And Ou Ki's First Meeting anime S1
Ou Ki's war horse
Ou Sen's War Horse anime portrait
Ou Sen's war horse
Rin Ko's War Horse anime portrait
Rin Ko's war horse
Sho's War Horse anime portrait
Sho's war horse
Tou's War Horse anime portrait
Tou's war horse

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