Dairyou Edit

Capital city

Dairyou is the royal capital of the state of Wei .

Ka Hills Edit

Hi Shin Unit is stationed here after the Sanyou Arc. (Has only a quick mention in Chapter 244)



Kyou City Edit

Kyou City

Kyuu Edit


Captured by the Kan Ki Army after Mou Gou died. The commanders inside were all burned to death.

Shao Liang Edit

Shao Liang
Shao Liang 2

The city of Shao Liang, is located in the northwestern region of Wei. Ryo Fui attacked the city with a 200,000 man army, during Sei Kyou's rebellion as an excuse to let Sei be assassinated.

Shi CityEdit

Shi City

Shiyou CastleEdit

Shiyou Castle

Shouryou CityEdit

Shouryou City

Shouryou Edit


Rien Edit

Rien City-0

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