Yuu Ren

Yuu Ren Portrait

Yuu Ren anime portrait

Chinese Yuu Lian
Romaji Yuu Ren
Epithet Shiyuu
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Female
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Skin Pale
Relatives Unnamed Younger Sister
Location Mount Rou (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Assassin
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Clan Shiyuu
Yuu Tribe
Wei (former)
Equipment Sword (Sekikaku)
Japanese VA Eimi Okada
Manga Debut Chapter 94 Flashback
Anime Debut Episode 23 Flashback
Yuu Ren was a member of the Yuu Tribe and the Shiyuu title owner. She was Kyou Kai's nemesis, as she was the one responsible for her sister's death.


Yuu Ren without the mask

Yuu Ren without her mask

Yuu Ren was always seen with a deadly serious expression on her face. She had long, straight dark hair flowing on her back and some falling on her face.

She was dressed in the attire of her tribe and kept her nose and mouth covered with a scarf. Under the scarf, she had many small tribal style tattoos around her chin.


Yuu Ren was a very dark and grim person. Raised to be an assassin, she had become ruthless, almost empty of any sentiment. She was arrogant, cruel and utilized underhanded tactics to ensure victory. Her manipulative nature was revealed when she persuaded the rest of the Shiyuu ritual contestants to combine their forces against Kyou Shou. While dying from her defeat by Kyou Kai, she was horrified at the prospect that there was an antithesis to the Priestess Dance's philosophy and Clan Shiyuu's teachings. Before dying, she questioned what was the point of all she's done if she's not the strongest and swore that Kyou Kai would be hunted down. After her death, Kyou Kai speculated that the murder of Yuu Ren's could have tormented her greatly and turned her into the monster she was.


Yuu Ren was the official Shiyuu. She obtained that title combining her combat skills with her cunning strategy, as she convinced all contestants to attack Kyou Shou at the beginning of the ritual, knowing that she would be the most difficult opponent to defeat. Once Shou was killed, Yuu Ren easily disposed of the rest of her rivals and was the last woman standing, along with her sister. In order to achieve the ultimate Shiyuu state, Yuu Ren murdered her own sister, and this way emptied herself from any sentiment that would tie her to the conscious world.

After the ritual, Yuu Ren wondered through various states and is currently located in Zhao state. 


Kyou Kai's Revenge ArcEdit

Yuu Ren became aware that Kyou Kai had been searching for her over the years and leaked information about her locations through rumors to Kyou Mei. When Kyou Kai met up with Kyou Mei, she was informed of the general location that Yuu Ren was currently at. Upon arriving there, she found Yuu Ren standing on a ledge of a hill looking down on Kyou Kai who had just entered the ambush she prepared.

Kyou Kai noticed she was surrounded by over 20 members of the Yuu tribe and Yuu Ren explained her comrades, that Kyou Kai was the top contender 5 years ago for the title of Shiyuu. She went on to tell them that she was drugged and betrayed by her sister who didn't think she could win against her, so she never made it to the ritual. Kyou Kai angrily stated she was never betrayed and her sister just didn't want them to fight each other.

At Yuu Ren's order, all members surrounding Kyou Kai commenced the attack, going into their dance stance. However, Kyou Kai proved to be too much for the Yuu tribe's members to handle. Upon seeing that, Yuu Ren decided to enter the fight herself.

Having survived the Shiyuu ritual, Yuu Ren had managed to completely suppress her own sentiments and feelings, obtaining the effect of the pristess' dance without actually having to perform the dance. By doing this, her power was far greater than Kyou Kai's and she managed to overwhelm her in the fight and beat her to a pulp. However, as she was about to finish her opponent off, Kyou Kai fought back.

Kyou Kai, thinking of her comrades decided she would not give up her life so easily, and so she made a bold move. She broke the Hakuryuu taboo, entering a state so deep, that it was almost impossible for her to return to the conscious world. Moving instinctively, Kyou Kai was extremely fast and unpredictable for Yuu Ren to trace. Finally, Yuu Ren was brought down by the numerous injuries inflicted by Kyou Kai's relentless attacks and was ultimately stabbed through the heart from behind.

With her dying breath, Yuu Ren warned Kai that the next Shiyuu would come for her life, but she replied that she would be ready for her. Yuu Ren's body was hidden by Kyou Mei, so that her death would not be known to the rest of the clan. Kai devised that plan, so that the next ritual would be delayed.


Strength 95 + 大α
Leadership 80
Intelligence 83
Experience A
Note: 大 means large

Being a Shiyuu, Yuu Ren was undeniably a highly skilled fighter specialized in assassination missions. As that, she had trained herself to live in the shadows, evading and misleading her rivals as she saw fit.

She was a master of manipulation, as she was able to convince the Shiyuu ritual contestants to fight for her in order to defeat her most dangerous opponent, Kyou Shou.

As a tribe leader, her reign was absolute. Her subordinates followed Yuu Ren's commands without second thoughts, even if that was likely to lead them to their deaths.



Yuu Ren kills her sister
Yuu Ren slays her sister
Yuu Ren and Kyou Kai first clash
Yuu Ren's first clash with Kyou Kai
Kyou Kai kills Yuu Ren
Yuu Ren stabbed by Kyou Kai

Anime Edit

Yuu Ren Decapitates Kyou Shou anime S1
Yuu Ren decapitates Kyou Shou

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