Buhaku CastleEdit

Location buhaku castle-by-night

Buhaku castle is the HQ of Great General Ri Boku during the preparations against the Qin invasion.



The small city of Domei, is located near the Zhao-Wei border. During Ri Boku's banishment, he was tasked with surveying the front line regions. He was helping build up the city's defenses.

Gan Mon Edit

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A Castle city and province in the northern frontier of Zhao, it was a lawless place constantly at the mercy of the Xiongnu with the generals sent from the capital always dying within a month of their rotation. It wasn't until Ri Boku managed to pacify the area by wiping out the Xiongnu's army that the raiding stopped. It was the home place of Kaine until she met Ri Boku. While mostly barren with few forests, it was know for producing quality mutton from goats and sheep, which enabled Ri Boku to buy the Kenjuu tribes loyalty to Zhao. In addition, its horses were renown to be the best in all of China.

Gota Edit

Gota City - Zhao

Gota is a small city located in Gyou region. It was attacked by the Ou Sen Army during Qin's invasion. Ou Sen spared all the citizens inside the city and told them to flee east towards Gyou.

Gyou Edit

Gyou - Zhao 2

The city of Gyou is the 2nd biggest city within Zhao. It is the target of the Qin invason in Zhao during the Western Zhao Invasion Arc.

Kaian Edit


Kanrin Edit


Kantan Edit

Kan tan portrait


Kantan is the captial of Zhao and the home of its king.

Kion Edit

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Kion is one of nine cities located along the path to Gyou. It is mentioned, by one of Ou Sen's officers.

Mount Rou Edit

Mount rou

Mount Rou is the place, where Kyou Kai hunted down Yuu Ren and realized, how important the Hi Shin unit was to her.

Region of Koku You - lost to Qin Edit

Koku You Campaign Arc portrait

The region of Koku You was place for several battles and tactical maneuvers between the Qin and the Zhao military.

It got conquered by Qin in order to have a foothold against the Zhao.

Retsubi Edit

Retsubi - Zhao

The Gateway into Zhao just bellow the Taikou mountain range. The Hi Shin Unit and Yo Tan Wa Army captured it.

Rigan Edit

Rigan City
Ki Sui portrait
Lord: Ki Sui

Rokan Edit


Roubi Edit


Sano Edit


Seika Edit

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Seika city is located in the eastern part of Zhao. It was being targeted by Ordo of Yan when he invaded Zhao from the east during Qins large scale invasion from the west. The ruler Shi Ba Shou sets out with 5000 men to face him.

Seikaku Edit

Sei Kaku

Setsu Edit


Setsu is a small city within the Taikou Mount range. It's located two days from Atsuyo, the northwest entry to Zhao capital. During Ou Sen's attack on Gyou Ri Boku was using Setsu as his command center.

Taikou Mountain Range Edit

Taikou Mountain Range - Zhao

A mountain range that protects Zhao from Qin covers almost the whole Western side of Zhao's border against Qin.

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