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Three Great HeavensEdit

Former Edit

Ren Pa portrait
Ren Pa
Leader of Ren Pa Army
Rin Shou Jou †
Chou Sha †

Great GeneralsEdit

Chou Katsu portrait
Chou Katsu
Commander-in-Chief at Chouhei
Death: slain by Ou Ki
Gaku Jou portrait
Gaku Jou
Lost against Ren Pa


Alive Edit

No image
Ko Chou
Guardian Deity of the Royal Capital
Ki Sui portrait
Ki Sui
Lord of Rigan
Shuu sui ju portrait
Ba nan ji portrait
Kouson Ryuu
Kou Son Ryuu
Renowned as "All-Rounder General"
Rihaku portrait
Ri Haku
Renowned as "General of Defense"
Kinmou portrait
Gakuei portrait
Mai Kou portrait
Chou Haku

Deceased Edit

Fuuki portrait
Fuu Ki
The "Strategical General"
Right Wing General at Bayou
Slain by Shin
Shou Mou portrait
Shou Mou
"General of Destruction"
Left Wing General at Bayou
Slain by Ou Ki
Chou Sou portrait
Chou Sou
Strategist at Bayou
Slain by Tou
Gika portrait
Gi Ka
Ten Bows of China
Shot Ou Ki at Bayou
Slain by Shin
Man Goku portrait
Man Goku
Renowned as "General of Assault"
Slain by Shin
Shin Sei Jou portrait
Shin Sei Jou
Rear Army General
Slain by Ba Jio
Kei Sha portrait
Kei Sha
"The Silent Hunter"
Slain by Shin

3000-Man CommandersEdit

1000-Man CommandersEdit

Gou Ran portrait

Unspecified Commanders and LieutenantsEdit

Kaine portrait
Ri Boku's Bodyguard
Shuu charges
Sou portrait

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